Nancy Boren

Nancy Boren: Light, Motion & Drama


Video Length: 5 Hours 50 Minutes
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Here’s what awaits you in this video!

  • Things you didn’t know about lighting that can change everything
  • Answers to the puzzle of dressing a model to enhance your painting
  • Become the master of your own likes and passions
  • Benefits of painting loosely (but with discipline)
  • Three fundamental lighting styles for which many other artists have no clue
  • Discover a newfound sense of yourself and why you paint what your do
  • Why the name you give a painting is so very important
  • What makes shadows glow different colors
  • Why you don’t have to think so hard when painting (just paint!)
  • How keeping things simple keeps things interesting
  • Stop copying reality; create your own
  • The difference between transcribing and translating a visual experience
  • Why you should know yourself and how that can shape your art
  • The role that props play in helping communicate the story you want to tell
  • How to paint a very representational style but in a loose manner
  • How planning and measuring ensure success in your painting
  • Overcoming the twin challenges of value patterns and composition
  • Discover color combinations you never thought possible
  • 5 hours of riveting video instruction


Imagine creating a painting that explodes with dazzling light. One that bursts with action and motion. One that pulses with drama. 

Make your imagination a reality with help from Nancy Boren, an award-winning painter who will show you everything it takes to create a beautifully lit, dramatic figure painting. From posing and lighting your model, to making design decisions with your photo reference, color choices, putting a figure in motion, and how to get the most out of lighting. 

How you illuminate your subject makes all the difference. Discover how Nancy combines dramatic lighting with energetic brush strokes to set figures in motion with flare like you’ve never seen in a single painting. She will also help you understand how to master values and color temperature to create luminosity. 

In this video, Nancy Boren quickly demonstrates exactly how to get different kinds of wonderful lighting effects to enhance the story you want to tell. Effects that will impress your acquaintances and thrill your buyers.

You’ll discover the secret of three kinds of lighting every painter needs to understand. 

Lighting is not the only thing Nancy challenges both you and herself to consider when plunging into a painting...another is knowing yourself…what you like, what you are passionate about, what moves you, what inspires you.

Nancy describes a wide array of colorful visual experiences that give her joy and shape her art. You’ve just got to hear Nancy’s vivid stories. And, she’ll show you how to bring your favorite things to light in your own paintings.

Nancy’s award-winning approach to painting will become another important influence on your art by the end of this video. Guaranteed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nancy Boren: Light, Motion & Drama

What an informative amazing class! The minute I saw Nancy's work I was in love and it was what convinced me to try oil painting and add that to my body of work. Her techniques are so helpful and she is such a wonderful teacher in the way she explains things! I especially appreciate how she keeps reminding you to create in a way that makes you happy- I realize that might seem obvious but as artists I don't think we can have those reminders enough! Nancy you so much for this amazing class!

Amy Keever
Nancy Boren: Light, Motion & Drama

What an informative amazing class! The minute I saw Nancy's work I was in love and it was what convinced me to try oil painting and add that to my body of work....

Pam Fl
Color, Light, and Soul

Fabulous from start to finish great tips with lighting, setting up the model, ideas with starting, re-starting, changing things during your process, keeps your interest throughout the painting process and great commentary at end of painting demo with more ideas for artists to use for inspiration. Would appeal to artists of all levels of oil painting. Flow of video was similar to the flow of her brush!

Trudy Meijer
Honest and sincere opinion.

Nancy Boren's video on Light, Motion and Drama was my first one to watch and have no comparison material to judge by. Having said that, I have of course an opinion on what I think an interesting video should be like. In the beginning Nancy comes across as if she doesn't really know what she is going to talk about or do and her first drawings on the canvas also give that impression. After a while she progresses more quickly and finally after some more talk she starts the painting. Having watched for quite some time I started to become more interested as she showed what and why she is painting the way she does. Overall, the painting is lovely, her style is something I can relate to but the lengthy process becomes quite boring and at the end I couldn't watch it any longer. She talks too much about the details and honestly my patience started to run out. My advice to her would be: cut the whole video time in half! Also, going so many times over so many parts of the painting makes me wonder the necessity of it. 3/4 through the process I really thought it finished. I was beautiful! After continuing longer fidgeting a bit here and there it didn't improve the painting at all (in my humble opinion that is). Nancy: make it shorter, lots of painting, lots less talk.

Pamela GaVette
Nancy Boren - Light, Motion and Drama

Excellent CD, especially the fact that she designs her models for content. Also, info on lighting was interesting and worth exploring in the future.