Lyn Boyer

Lyn Boyer Combo Set



This Combo Set Includes Both Lynn Boyer Videos


Lyn Boyer: No Fear Oil Painting

Video Length: 7 Hours, 42 Minutes

What’s exciting about the No Fear Oil Painting course:

  • The “mindset shift” that many artists are missing, and how a simple reframe could speed up your progress
  • Lyn Boyer’s proprietary “No Fear” approach to oil painting
  • How to master the brush and be more expressive with your paintings
  • The weird reason Lyn chooses uncomfortable brushes
  • Lyn’s liberating “Cave Artists” mindset
  • The underlying factor most artists overlook when handling the brush
  • Why overpainting is perfectly fine
  • Explanation of Lyn’s mantra: “Don’t pet the kitty”
  • The single most important element that will transform you into a fearless artist
  • How to use rhythms, sound, and music to overcome your biggest “progress blockers”
  • Specific exercises to expand your current artistic vocabulary
  • How to not be afraid of failure
  • How to create paintings with energy that retain the “ring of truth”
  • How to use new tools that bring energy and excitement to your mark-making
  • Plus much, much more!


    Regardless of your overall skill and enthusiasm, poor brushwork leads to paintings that are timid and lifeless. No matter how hard you try, your paintings will never turn out the way you want if you don’t upgrade your brush skills.

    Artist Lyn Boyer finds that many talented artists are being held back due to this one core issue — lack of skill and confidence in brush handling. Now, you have the opportunity to overcome this problem by studying with Lyn and learning her practical and creative approaches to brush handling.

    Lyn’s teaching methods reach every area of learning:

    • Mind - overcoming fear and building confidence
    • Body - practical brush handling skills
    • Spirit - unique tools and exercises


    You’ll become more intuitive with your painting tools when you incorporate Lyn’s effective practice techniques.

    Expect to be a bit surprised when you see Lyn using unique rhythmic and musical tools and exercises to help you get past the problems that may be blocking your progress. You’ll soon be approaching your canvas without fear, regardless of the type of painting you do. 

    This video is not specific to any type of painting — it’s for every artist who wishes to improve their brush handling by advancing their skill, increasing their confidence, and having the freedom to experiment in order to bring more power and expression to their work.


    No Fear Oil Painting: A Guide to Creative Brush Handling.

    Finally, you’re about to discover exactly how to have absolute freedom in your painting and paint without any feelings of doubt. 

    You’ll discover what it takes to be a fearless painter — an artist who dares to show their most vulnerable self without any fear of judgment.

    These skills will not only help you produce even better artwork, you’ll also start feeling better about yourself!


    Inside No Fear Oil Painting, Lyn will show you:

    • The concepts, skills, and brush handling needed to approach the canvas with the confidence that leads to expressive painting
    • How to carefully choose and have full command of your art materials
    • How to expand your brush vocabulary by mastering the nuances of brush handling
    • How to use new tools and bring energy and excitement to your mark-making
    • A demo of the painting The Froggers, along with brush-handling exercises taught in concert with Dave’s rhythmic interpretations


    Lyn will also show you techniques such as:

    • How to use a variety of brushes and mark-making tools to push the boundaries of your expression
    • The complete methodology for creating a successful painting start to finish
    • When and how to add mediums
    • How to build your surface by applying and removing paint
    • How to properly mix your paints and load your brushes for different effects
    • Plus much more!



    • High speed view of demonstration painting
    • Exhibit of works from the artist
    • Lyn Boyer and Dave Curley discuss how music and painting go together
    • Music for Painting: Performed by Dave Curley and filmed in the world famous artist’s cabin owned by Eric Rhoads



    Lyn Boyer: Wheels & Steel

    Video Length: 8 Hours, 5 Minutes

    Discover the Simple Techniques That Make Painting Complex Subjects and Vehicles Easier!

    After today, drawing and painting complex shapes and textures will no longer intimidate you.

    “I saw a gorgeous truck, and I really wanted to paint it, but honestly, I was just too scared!”

    If that sounds like something you’d say, then I have good news for you.

    Today, you’re going to discover an ingenious method to paint any vehicle with confidence, even if you’ve never painted vehicles before.

    You’ll be able to paint all the vehicle’s complex shapes more easily and accurately (especially elliptical shapes) using techniques you may not have tried before.

    That’s not all. You’ll soon find painting textures (like glass, rust, chrome, and more) doesn’t have to be complicated!

    If you’re struggling to paint shiny hubcaps, uniquely shaped hoods, front headlights, or any part of the vehicle … look no further.

    Because now you can finally paint complex subjects and textures most artists avoid, turning you into a more courageous and more exploratory painter.

    Your compositions will vastly improve, further enhancing your storytelling skills as your artwork will look more engaging.

    As artists, we want to paint and express what our creative heart’s desire without fear.

    I remember feeling so intimidated by a painting that it made me question my abilities.

    I was haunted by questions like, “Am I able to do this? Should I quit? How is that even possible?” 

    Fortunately, I saw the light after meeting the right teacher. What she shared gave me the confidence I lost, and I became a much more fearless painter soon afterward.

    She shared techniques and insights that progressed my skills in a matter of weeks, compared to months if I were to learn them on my own.

    Maybe you want to paint a classic muscle car that’s been through its Grease-era heyday … or a rugged Jeep that’s gone on adventures like Indiana Jones … or even an old abandoned tractor rusting in a corner of a barn and covered in spider webs … but something held you back.

    Don’t worry, because today, what you’re about to discover will help you ease your fears and increase your confidence in painting complex subjects.

    With expert guidance, you’ll soon have the skills to paint any vehicle you want without feeling intimidated ever again.

    Painting Vehicles Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

    Over the years, I’ve seen many vehicles that are begging to be painted.

    The thing is, painting vehicles requires a distinct skill set.

    How do you get the perspectives right without having it look amateurish? 

    How do you paint elliptical shapes accurately?

    What about the textures of the vehicle that give it character?

    All those challenges make painting vehicles quite daunting, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

    The good news is that there are several simple ways to approach those elements, and there’s no better artist to instruct you than the amazing Lyn Boyer!

    Who Is Lyn Boyer?

    Lyn Boyer is an American painter from Durango, Colorado. Her deep roots and passion from her years as an editorial illustrator give her exceptional skills as a visual storyteller.

    She’s an award-winning plein air and studio oil painter, a Signature member of Oil Painters of America, a committed educator, and a sought-after public speaker and instructor. 

    She’s also the genius behind the popular "No Fear Oil Painting" video that has helped artists overcome their anxieties about painting.

    And now, Lyn is back again in this new video with a completely unique experience you must not miss.

    Lyn loves painting vehicles. You can feel her passion as you watch her work.

    This is one video you have to experience … you simply can’t get this anywhere else!

    Wheels & Steel will give you the skills to paint not just cars, but virtually any type of vehicle, still life, or subject with perspective and ellipses.

    You’ll discover how to paint a car with all of its complex shapes and textures, and how to place it in a scene to make your painting even more engaging.


    More specifically, here’s what you’ll find inside:

    • How to paint virtually any vehicle confidently and tell stories with vehicles…
    • How to paint chrome or shiny objects that truly dazzle…
    • How to solve tough perspective problems that often crop up in scenes or still life paintings…
    • How to draw those annoying elliptical shapes the right way and never struggle with them ever again… (you can apply this to wheels, silos, teacups, cans, etc.)
    • Detailed breakdown of how Lyn paints vehicles...
    • Lyn’s unique approach to painting loosely while still making it look “real” 
    • PLUS: An in-depth step-by-step demonstration of this beautiful painting:


    Expand Your Painting Vocabulary With Even MORE Techniques


    Lyn is going to turn you into an even better artist by sharing her own tried-and-true techniques:

    • The COMPLETE method for creating a successful painting from start to finish…
    • How to use expressive brushwork in a painting without losing the sense of realism…
    • When to add mediums…
    • How to build the surface of your painting by applying and removing paint…
    • …and a lot more, all packed into this amazing video!


    These necessary skills will allow you to paint more freely so you can confidently express the vision you have for the painting.

    Imagine NOT being intimidated by complicated subjects like vehicles any longer. 

    Imagine being able to paint any subjects you want — and not having to avoid them because you feel you’re not ready.

    With Lyn’s expert instruction and guidance, and with enough practice, you’ll soon approach your canvas with total freedom and confidence, with nothing holding you back.

    Here’s what you’ll also discover inside Wheels & Steel:

    It’s Not All About Cars. Discover Simple Tools & Techniques to Paint Complex Subjects More Easily!

    Finally! You don’t have to avoid painting subjects that intimidate you any longer. Lyn will break down the entire process into simple steps so you can easily follow and paint along.

    Lyn will also teach you how to “see” so you can go from being a “copier” to a “creator.” 

    Ultimately, you’re going to have the skills to not only paint any type of vehicle successfully, but also apply those skills to any subjects that require a firm grasp of perspective.

    Special Workshops to Speed Up Your Progress

    The workshops inside this video will teach you specific skills needed to paint vehicles successfully.

    You’ll learn how to choose your composition, how to paint perspectives correctly every time, how to draw elliptical shapes accurately, how to paint various surfaces (chrome and shiny or dull and rusted), and much more.


     What’s exciting about Wheels & Steel:

    • You’ll learn simple techniques to help you easily paint ANY vehicle
    • Acquire NEW skills that will allow you to explore a new world of storytelling and composition
    • Eliminate the intimidation factor with Lyn’s fresh approach to painting with music (an experience like no other)
    • Discover how to paint ALL of the vehicle’s complex shapes accurately (even if you've never painted vehicles before)
    • Find valuable tips and tricks to help you paint various textures like glass, rust, chrome, and more
    • Master the furiously difficult ellipses and draw wheels, silos, teacups, cans, and more with better accuracy!
    • Take in the skills that will help you stand out and be unique (few artists can draw vehicles successfully)
    • Experience painting like never before with Lyn and musical collaborator Dave Curley’s unique music-infused approach
    • Never struggle with perspective ever again with Lyn’s brilliant instruction
    • See how to use expressive brushwork in a painting without losing the sense of realism
    • Realize how to paint more freely and confidently to express the true vision for your painting
    • Discover insights that will remove your painting fears
    • Inspiring music composed by Dave to boost your storytelling creativity
    • High-speed view of Lyn’s demo from start to finish
    • Thought-provoking insights from the artists: Lyn and Dave
    • Gallery of photo references and diagrams used during the lesson
    • Exhibit of Lyn’s best works to inspire your next masterpiece