Dina Wakley

Dina Wakley: Playful Printmaking - Mixed Media Monoprinting

Video Length: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
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Whether you’re an art journaler or mixed media artist, discover the possibilities of monoprint with artist Dina Wakley. 

Joined by on-screen student Amy Jones, Dina takes materials you probably already have at home and shows you how to use them to make unique prints. The first chapters of the workshop are dedicated to the five easy printmaking techniques including basic collagraph printing, plastic printing, stencil printing and fun foam printing while the second set of chapters focuses on using your prints in four art journal pages. Dina encourages experimentation, and she grounds all of her techniques in solid advice about design and approach. 

While instructor Dina Wakley is primarily an art journaler, the printmaking techniques in the first half of the DVD would be a natural fit in any mixed media artists’ repertoire. The techniques would be an especially good fit for artists who work with collage or painted papers. 

About Dina’s Materials
Dina uses her own line of acrylic paints but any heavy bodied acrylics would work with these techniques. She prints on a mix of surfaces including paper bags and white copy paper. Her printing plates are a combination of card stock tags, Fun Foam, plastic sheet protector and stencils. Her workshop also includes her favorite tool, Stabilo Marks-All pencil in black.

Skill Level
Beginners (true beginners and advanced beginners) will enjoy the clear instruction and positive approach of Dina’s teaching style. The class is enjoyably paced and even intermediate (and advanced) mixed media artists may find new techniques especially if they don’t already employ printmaking techniques in their practice. However, this workshop isn’t necessarily designed with advanced artists in mind.