Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson: Watercolor Workshop - The Illusion of Glass

Video Length: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

The dynamic reflections of colored glass are the perfect subject matter for the soft transitions available to watercolorists. 

Join watercolorist Paul Jackson as he explores the hard and soft edges of a glass still life. Taking cues from his reference photo, Paul begins with a quick off screen sketch and transfer of his line drawing to his paper with graphite paper.

He starts by saving his lightest lights with masking fluid and he begins to build up his darks by several washes of the local color from his reference. Paul shows you how to effortlessly lay into wet-into-wet including going back for a second or third pass to adjust the colors while the paint and paper are both still damp. He draws into areas to create beautiful, soft edges. As he works through the painting, he gradually removes masking and then shows how to reintegrate those areas into the painting as a whole. As a master of brush moisture, he shows you how to sit colors next to each other so that they meld but don’t totally invade one another’s space and create mud.

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