Refund policy

We are a "Customer Responsive" company and will do as much as we can to assure that our customers are treated fairly. We are happy to replace damaged books or defective DVDs.

Please see our policy below:

Our return policy for damaged books is that the customer has 7 days to contact us via email or by phone to make arrangements to have the book shipped back to us. Once we receive the damaged merchandise, a replacement copy will be sent out.

Concering our return policy for DVD's, we first try to troubleshoot the problem with the customer to see if it is a defective disc. Once we determine that the problem is actually with the DVD and not a problem with their DVD player, a replacement disc will be sent out with return postage for the damaged one.

Having said that, there are times when we simply cannot take returns, as noted below.

Please bear in mind that DVDs are designed to play on "Stand Alone" DVD players that are connected to TVs but the DVDs will play on a computer IF the computer's DVD player will play DVD-R DVDs and IF the computer and computer software for playing the DVD are in proper working order.

This is not always the case. So, if the DVD plays on a DVD player that plays to a TV and it will not play on a computer, we are happy to give suggestions as to what might help this condition...but we do not consider the DVD to be defective and, therefore, will not replace it.

We always recommend playing a questionable DVD on another DVD player or even a friend's player to determine for yourself whether or not the DVD is defective.

We guarantee all items to be as advertised and to have been filmed, edited and duplicated/replicated in a professional manner; however, once a DVD has been opened and viewed we are unable to replace it.

Should you accidentally order the wrong DVD, we will be happy to replace it with the correct item IF the first DVD has NOT been opened.