Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel Gerhartz: Her Mother's Locket

Video Length: 6 Hours

As Daniel Gerhartz works his way through this studio painting from start to finish, he gives an in-depth discussion as to his technical approach and what aesthetically inspires him.

Dan holds nothing back as he freely shares his thought process while he develops this work and sees the composition through to completion. His concise description of how to read values, color temperatures, and edge control will give you more understanding as you begin your next work.


Customer Reviews

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Fun and key lectures on painting, this is older but it's worth every penny

Dianne Carlson
Cannot compare in presentation

With all the cameras in action, you see the palette and the canvas one after the other. I have spent the last few days looking at it. What a way to inspire an artist. Mr. Gerhartz's technique, style and energy are electric. This is a keeper video. You will learn about temperature shift, value, and composition. Jonnie and Ralph did a wonderful job with the editing of the raw film. Don't think to pass this video up. It is one of my treasures as an artist.

George J. Kramer
Her Mothers Locket

I bought Daniel Gerhartz video 4 discs covering three days of real time painting of Her Mother's Locket. I watched it several times. An inspiration, as he also answers questions from off camera viewers and philosophizes about the work. Cost me $180, but worthy every penny.