Zhaoming Wu

Zhaoming Wu: Drawing the Head in Charcoal


Video Length: 2 Hours
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Zhaoming Wu is a consummate draftsman who can draw in any medium. If you have purchased his book on drawing, you know that he uses the charcoal medium in many different ways to create works that have distinctive looks.

This video shows you how he approaches drawing the head of a beautiful girl whose hair might be a challenge for many.


His process of building from a layer of vine charcoal (in many forms) before layers with the more permanent charcoal pencil and compressed charcoal is easy to understand. He uses his fingers, palms, paper napkins and kneaded eraser to smooth, blend, and highlight the lighted areas of the drawing.

It is magical to see how he pulls this incredibly beautiful head out of blank paper. If drawing is your nemesis, this is a program you will want to view over and over to see how little is required to create a head of astounding sculptural quality on a flat piece of paper.

This is another program we recommend for your art video library, and one you will refer to often if you are interested in perfecting your drawing techniques.
-Johnnie Liliedahl


Customer Reviews

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Mark Katzman
Zhaomings lesson on drawing a head in charcoal

I studied with Zhaoming at the Academy in San Francisco. Hes one amazing artist. I always wanted to watch him draw a head again...as Ive since graduated and no longer watch him in person and this dvd doesnt disappoint. You really have to watch it many times to understand what he does and how he thinks when he draws this head. Hes a great teacher and artist. His explanations are excellent as is the demo. Thanks Zhaoming.