Kathie Odom

Kathie Odom: Bold Brushwork


Video Length: 3 Hours
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Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

  • Understanding the “why” behind what you’re painting.
  • Valuable tips on “interruption-free” painting to keep your creative momentum moving
  • How to confidently splash color without hesitation
  • How “resisting” makes a better painting… and strengthens your inner courage
  • Why “leaving stuff out” is as important as “putting stuff in”
  • How to show your courage through your painting so your viewers can see it!
  • Why a makeup applicator can save the day
  • “Nostalgic Impressionism,” a philosophy that’ll transform your painting
  • How to paint what you like, and be BOLD with it!
  • How to organize your brushes and tools to maintain “painting flow”
  • How to increase excitement by adding colors at the right spots
  • How to get quiet spaces to boost your storytelling
  • A delightful interview of Kathie by Eric Rhoads
  • A special short video segment of various quick tips you can apply immediately
  • PLUS: A portfolio of some of Kathie’s most beautiful artwork
  • And much, much more...


In this video tutorial, Kathie will help you build confidence with your painting techniques, regardless of where you are on your journey.

She’ll show you how to feel confident in taking more risks and trusting yourself enough to let your creative instincts do more of the work.

You’ll get to internalize her painting philosophies and the full meaning of boldly painting with courage.

She’ll guide you on how to tell more powerful and captivating stories instead of simply “painting a pretty picture.”

You’ll find out how to “be one with the brush,” and discover what job each brush is really supposed to be doing!

You’ll see how to mix colors fearlessly and splash colors confidently. You’ll also get the opportunity to uncover ideas and techniques that can dramatically improve your approach to painting.

With your confidence greatly boosted, you’ll experience newfound joy with painting!

Who is this remarkable instructor?

Kathie Odom calls herself a “Nostalgic Impressionist.” She has a unique way of identifying subjects from which even the most experienced artist can learn a thing or two. 

For the last 10 years, Kathie has traveled extensively and spent much of her time oil painting across America. You can bet she’s highly passionate about plein air — she often allows herself to get lost in the process of it all, thanks to her “bold brushwork”!

If your confidence needs a boost and you’re ready to become a much more bold and courageous painter, you definitely want to study with Kathie Odom.


Chapter 1: A Place for Everything - before you paint, get prepped and organized so you can focus on your emerging masterpiece

Chapter 2: Visual Checklist - you’ll want to keep this handy checklist to remind you of what is important

Chapter 3: What Stops you in your tracks? Kathie will review photos and the paintings that came from those different places. This will help you understand what makes a worthy subject for your paintings. 

Chapter 4: The Importance of Drawing & Sketching - get familiar with your scene and decide what is important

Chapter 5:  Set Up Your Palette - Kathie will review specifics on color and mediums

Chapter 6:  Wash & Draw - Toning your canvas to knock out the white and create your composition. Kathie shares her best tips for color harmony and utilizing different brush techniques for a variety of effects

Chapter 7:  What’s the Focal Point - Knowing your focal point will help you stick with your painting plan. Kathie offers specifics on different brushes, colors, and how to paint both bounced and reflected light.

Chapter 8:  Develop the Painting: develop and mix color as you go for freshness. Includes mixing greens of trees and using a palette knife for texture. Learn how to use line and value changes to draw the eye around the painting. Painting the sky around wires, trees, antennas, will add to the impressionistic look.

Chapter 9:  Finishing Touches: Complete details, make adjustments, sign it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Diana Hill Coleman
Kathie Odom: Bold Brushwork

Kathie is awesome! She is so willing to share so much of her teaching style. Her presentation and personality are just so amazing and down to earth, and it makes me feel like I'm painting alongside a friend! Thank you, Kathie for sharing yourself and your art with the world! You have inspired me!

Marc Zepeda
Free form impressionism

I've watched a lot of paint tube instructional videos. This was the first video that resonated with me. It gave me freedom to express myself not only in the drawing stage, but even in the painting phase. Kathie's encouragement and joy came through on the video and in the interview. When I watched her start the painting with the brush, loose and free, and realized the house she was painting did not look exactly like the photo…but more what she saw at the site and in the photo; I knew this was a style I could be comfortable in…structure and fine detail makes it hard to start a painting without feeling you will fail somehow. Thank you Kathie, I am ready to be outdoors and paint. There were many great take always or light bulb moments

Kathy Connelly
Very Clear and Straight forward instruction

This was a joy to watch and to paint. Kathie's style is such an inspiration. I only wish there were more videos to buy of Kathie painting!!!

Robin Hunter
Excellent teacher and so fun!

I've been a Kathie Odom fan so following along and painting with Kathie was wonderful. She is so encouraging and explains everything step by step. I've already gone back to the video to watch certain parts and make notes. Thank you, Kathie!

Diana Hill Coleman
Kathie Odom: Bold Brushwork

Kathie is awesome! She is so willing to share so much of her teaching style. Her presentation and personality are just so amazing and down to earth, and it ma...