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Don Demers: Mastering the Sea


Video Length: 5 Hours
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Experience The Most Comprehensive Course On Painting The Sea — Taught By Internationally Renowned Artist Don Demers!


Capturing the power of crashing waves or moving water won’t be a mystery any longer with Don Demers’ signature “scientific” approach. Discover how to consistently paint nature’s most elusive element with accuracy and emotion


Imagine being able to paint any body of water and capture its majesty in all its forms.

Be it chaotic waves crashing onto jagged rocks…

…the explosiveness of a waterfall…

…or the tranquility of a sailing boat, bobbing on the open sea.

Don Demers is an internationally renowned artist and is a master at painting the elusive characteristics of the sea.

In this course, he details a reliable method that allows you to consistently paint the sea with accuracy and emotion…

…and he's going to walk you through his signature method with a complete demonstration.

You’ll discover important lessons like how the sea moves … how it interacts with the land … the forces behind water’s dynamic movement … and so much more.

You’ll learn the proper shape of a single wave…

…how that wave moves from one point to another…

…how it interacts with other waves…

…and finally, what happens when it meets the seashore.

Using principles learned from years of studying the physics of water, let Don Demers show you his award-winning techniques so you can apply them to your next seascape … and make a name for yourself creating stunning paintings of the sea.

Meet Your Instructor, Don Demers!

Don Demers is an internationally known artist who is best known for his marine paintings.

Born in 1956 in the small rural community of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Don first developed his interest in painting maritime subjects when he was a young boy, spending his summers with his grandparents on the coast of Maine near Boothbay Harbor.

He began his professional career as an illustrator and expanded into the field of fine art. His illustrations can be found on many book covers and in national publications such as Reader’s Digest, Sail Magazine, Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Yankee, and National Geographic.

Further, his paintings have been featured in a number of publications including American Artist, Artist Magazine, PleinAir Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, Art & Antiques, Yachting Magazine, and various others.

And it’s not just these publications that have recognized Don’s talents.

Don Demers has won a record 17 awards at the Mystic International Marine Art Exhibition in Mystic, Connecticut — including the Rudolph J. Schaefer Maritime Heritage Award in 2006.

To add to this, his illustrations have been recognized by the Museum of American Illustration four times in its national competition representing the finest examples of work in the field.

So, what is the secret to consistently creating award-winning paintings that move collectors and inspire other artists?

Together with Streamline Publishing, Don Demers has created a brand new course called Mastering the Sea to share his painting knowledge and insights.

This is your chance to learn from this highly skilled and experienced artist. We guarantee that the lessons you’ll learn will be extremely valuable and will provide the insight to take your painting skills to new heights!


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Don Demers’ signature “scientific” approach that allows you to paint moving water with accuracy and emotion, reliably and consistently...
  • The most comprehensive lesson on the characteristics of moving water, and how to apply the knowledge to your painting…
  • Discover the “Four Energy Sources” behind the movement of water and how to use that understanding to paint the sea with extreme accuracy…
  • Don’s “Two Agendas” for literally everything he paints…
  • How to layer value and mix color to create depth and atmosphere
  • How to emulate the chunkiness of rocks…
  • Two fail-proof ways to know when a painting is finished…
  • Learn the proper shape of a single wave, and how that evolves into painting the entire sea…
  • Experience a new world of painting possibilities by understanding the science behind water’s dynamics...
  • Brushwork techniques that boost the “emotion factor” of your painting
  • Discover the complete “timeline” of a wave and how to paint each stage
  • Listen to Don’s invaluable thought process, his views on art, his painting philosophies, and how psychology plays a part in everything…
  • Composition and design strategies to help you create more attention-grabbing works of art...
  • Don Demers’ unique take on color and its proper application...
  • Watch how a master creates depth and atmosphere with value layering
  • How to make rocks look wet … how to add sparkle to water … how to keep the water from being “stiff”... and more…
  • How to know what parts to spend time on, and what you can let go without as much development…
  • The secrets to scumbling and how to do it properly…
  • PLUS: The BEST way to remove the fear of the white canvas…
  • and even more incredible insights and techniques from a master artist!


    Chapter Breakdown 

    1. Introduction & Materials
    2. Lay In the Design
    3. Drawing & Understanding the Sea
    4. Set Up Value & Color Relationships
    5. Develop the Unified Whole: Rocks & Foam
    6. Develop the Unified Whole: Sea & Atmosphere
    7. Advance to the Finish


    Extra Bonuses:

    • High Speed View for your painting convenience
    • Exhibit of Don Demers’ works for your creative inspiration
    • Interview with Don Demers by Eric Rhoads for insights and motivation

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    Thorough treatment of the subject, the materials, the painter's approach to both the subject itself and to painting in general! I will be watching this again.
    It is a bit challenging, when streaming, to move forward to another chapter. I'm glad I bought the DVD as well as the streaming version.

    Sharon Egan
    Don Demers: Mastering the Sea

    Excellent video. I appreciate Don's careful attention to detail as he explains his palette, brushes, tools and methods. I especially love the way he tackles the white of the canvas by blocking in shapes with a towel. He effectively simplifies the shapes and patterns of waves and water, providing a framework with which to observe a constantly moving subject. He literally leaves no stone unturned. Thank you, Don Demers!

    Steve Myers
    Don Demers: Mastering the Sea

    An absolutely amazing instructional video. Don not only gives an insight into painting the sea, but also the science and thought processes about becoming a better artist. I will watch this over and over for those gold nuggets of wisdom. Thank you Don. Kind regards, Steve.

    Margariita Passmore
    Don Demers: Mastering the Sea

    I was completely taken by the process of painting your seascape. I was very pleased to see and hear about the technique and the sequence of work in the technique, which is very close to my inner understanding and style of work. Surprised by how little amount of paint you used to paint quite a big painting. Very touched are the moments when you talk about your life, memories, and feelings that have influenced your creativity. Thank you!

    Great tips

    RE: Don Demers
    This was one of the best dvds I have ever bought on painting the sea!
    I have been to Acadia national park many times and I spend some time on the Maine cost line in the summers for most of my life
    and I have to say he really has caught the esence of the water there
    now im trying to find a work shop I could attend that he is teaching