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Aaron Schuerr: Winter Sunset in Pastel


Video Length: 7 Hours
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Award-Winning Artist Shows You How Painting The Solitude of This Winter Scene Will Awaken Attention-Grabbing Stories In ALL Your Art

Make Your Once-Flat Pastel Paintings Feel Alive With Gripping Stories And Leave Viewers Wanting More!


Imagine stepping into a still forest — the only sound is the gentle flow of a creek, its waters whispering over smooth pebbles and ice-edged banks.

Above, the sky is ablaze with the dying light of the sun, casting a warm glow that sets the snow-touched treetops aflame with hues of gold and amber.

Around you, the trees stand tall and silent, their branches heavy with the weight of snow like a series of white-capped sentinels guarding the serenity of this secluded spot.


Prepare for the ultimate escape into creativity...

...an experience that will propel your pastel painting abilities to unprecedented heights.

Pastel artist extraordinaire Aaron Schuerr welcomes you to a magical journey into a winter wonderland…

…an ‘art-venture’ to his favorite spot among the majestic snow-covered mountains of Montana — a scene few artists have the chance (or courage) to explore.

Inside Winter Sunset in Pastel, Aaron will show you the deeper and more meaningful side of painting — how to translate the essence of any scene onto your canvas and narrate an emotionally resonant story through your art.

His brilliant teaching prowess will get you to see — reallysee — a whole new world that is hidden from the eyes of untrained artists.

You'll discover how to capture the magic of a serene winter sunset — a moment where the cool shadowy blues of snow meet the warm tangerine glow of the evening sky.

You’ll get to explore the delicate balance between contrasting values and colors, and venture into a warm / cool color scheme that brings a natural yet exhilarating vibrancy to your canvas.

You’ll learn how to develop relationships between foreground and background, light and substance.

Winter Sunset in Pastel is more than just a painting course. With Aaron’s expert guidance, you’ll get to develop your ‘artist’s eye’ and find the true beauty of anyscene you wish to paint.



Meet Your New Instructor, Aaron Schuerr!

Aaron Schuerr is the kind of instructor you’ll easily enjoy learning from! With an infectious blend of humor and charm, studying with Aaron is a rewarding experience that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout. As a skilled storyteller, Aaron often uses relatable anecdotes to help explain complex concepts — keeping the lessons top of mind and a smile on your face. Who says learning can’t be fun?

Aaron’s approach to instruction is that of the expert guide — walking alongside with you as co-travelers on a path toward pastel mastery. With everyone on a journey toward the same goal, he’s merely sharing his experience and insights that he’s discovered along the way. No ego. No sleight of hand. Just honest insight and hard-won expertise.

As an actor, Aaron relates his artistic experience to the Bertolt Brecht play, 'Life of Galileo,' where the audience is constantly reminded that they are watching a play, becoming active participants in the theatrical experience. Aaron says this is akin to his pastels; he wants them to evoke the place and mood of the scene, yet he doesn't want viewers to forget they are looking at a painting.

While “Winter Sunset in Pastel” is about painting a serene winter landscape, the lessons he shares within are universal and far more valuable. You’ll learn key principles and techniques that will skyrocket your mastery of pastel and elevate your abilities

One such powerful lesson you’ll learn inside “Winter Sunset in Pastel” is developing your ability to make anything you want to paint exciting. It doesn’t matter where you go — you can be at home and see a trashcan in the back alley… or a dilapidated shed covered with vines… or even a reflection or shadow on your house. Turning the mundane into an exciting scene is a skill that will set you apart from those who simply ‘paint what they see’.

The demonstration artwork in this course, titled "New Year's Eve," shows that the true essence of art lies in self-acceptance and authenticity. It's not just about the technical aspect, but the story, the emotion, and the experience conveyed. Aaron will share his thoughts as you paint along with him.

Learning from Aaron is diving into a world where art and nature intertwine — opening doors to new perspectives and nurturing your appreciation for the narrative beyond the canvas. His expertise and unique approach make him a beacon for aspiring artists, guiding the way to capturing dramatic stories on canvas.


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside “Winter Sunset in Pastel”:

  • How to capture the characteristics of snow accurately…
  • How to keep colors clean…
  • The “Linked Dark Shapes” Principle (this makes painting trees so much easier)
  • Aaron’s “Bake the Cake” painting approach…
  • How to pump up color while still keeping it natural…
  • Secrets to making exciting marks with pastel…
  • The extremely helpful “10% More” rule when applying color and determining values…
  • How to paint light so bright you can almost trick viewers to shield their eyes…
  • How, why, and where to add tree trunks without becoming overly detailed…
  • The 2 things to consider when organizing your pastels…
  • How Aaron makes a “Color Commitment” to help him achieve color harmony…
  • How to lay in big patterns and the “averages” for the painting…
  • How to use the “Truth of Experience” principle to tweak reality and match your experience of painting the scene…
  • How viewing painting a landscape as if you’re on a date can help you be more excited and make more interesting discoveries…
  • How to make the trees disappear in front of the sun…
  • How to use your pastel sticks in different ways for different effects…
  • Techniques galore: How to paint sky holes effectively, how to paint accurate reflections, how to paint snow in light and shadow, and more…
  • How to tell the viewer where to look…
  • Aaron’s “Kaleidoscope” approach to color…
  • How to show depth and make one tree come in front of the other even when using the same color…
  • PLUS: How to strengthen the relationships between foreground and background, between light and dark, and between warm and cool…
  • and many more techniques you can apply to any painting using any medium!


Chapter Breakdown

  1. Introduction
  2. The Pastels
  3. Exploring the Subject
  4. Charcoal Sketch & Transfer Drawing
  5. Underpainting
  6. Develop the Painting
  7. Work on the Snow
  8. Strengthen Relationships
  9. Fresh Eyes
  10. Final Touches


Extra Bonuses:

  • A High Speed timelapse of the demonstration painting for your enjoyment.
  • An interview with Aaron Schuerr by Eric Rhoads: Hear Aaron’s thoughts on style, inspiration and more.
  • Exhibit of Aaron Schuerr’s works for your creative inspiration.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda Ras Ras

I had never used Pastels but I’ve learned so much. Aaron inspires creativity & his love of painting beautiful scenery in the Yellowstone-Teton, Montana areas! As talented ann anrtist Aaron is, he wants to help bring out the Artist in you! I highly recommend this Video.

Keith Demanche
Terrific Video

This was a terrific video - Aaron's talent is matched only by his teaching style and honesty about his working process. I highly recommend this course.

Nancy Clausen
Aaron Schuerr video

I have only seen a small amount of the video. What I have seen so far has been very good. With limited time, it's difficult for me to keep up with videos. I generally do a small amount at a time.
What I have seen so far has me anxious to see the rest. Very satisfied so far and very glad I have ordered it.

Louise Payovich
Aaron Schuerr: Winter Sunset in Pastel

Aaron's Winter Sunset is incredible. I am so glad I ordered it.

monika von Fischern

I like to be able to paint as you. I use pastel, I am still learning. One day I master the pastel good as you. I like your style and all your paintings. Keep it up I enjoy watching.