William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider Portrait Pastel Bundle


Video Length: 7 Hours
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This Combo Set Includes 2 William Schneider Pastel Videos

William A. Schneider: Princess - Pastel

Schneider sets up his model in warm light in order to fully explain how the color temperature varies between light and shadow areas on the form.

Working from the live model, Schneider explains his compositional devices, use of the Munsell Color System in selecting a color scheme, and how to keep the Big Four (shape, value, color temperature, edges) in mind during the painting process.

This video is executed in pastel, but is full of useful information for artists in all media. William begins with a discussion of design elements. Viewers will be mesmerized by the emergence of the beautiful model from an abstract foundation of shapes and masses of color. This program is a must for the pastellist’s video library.


William A. Schneider: Pastel Painting Secrets

Master Artist William A. Schneider takes you step-by-step through a pastel portrait

Well known for his amazing oil paintings, Bill found that painting with pastels added an additional layer of interest and passion to his art career. He also found that many of the skills he used in oil painting were easily transferable to pastels.

He came to understand that pastels were just the next natural progression in his own career and a great addition to what he teaches in his workshops, which are attended by everyone from carpenters to doctors to professional artists.

And now you can learn directly from this great artist as Liliedahl Productions escorts you to your own front row seat to discover the treasures in Pastel Painting Secrets with master artist William A. Schneider.

Painting Real People

Bill returned to his deep love for art after starting a career in music and then the finance industry. If you have ever attended one of Bill’s workshops or watched him do a demonstration, you probably took notice of how he lights up as he shares his love for both art and teaching others.

When Bill sets out to create a portrait, his goal is to capture the essence of the model as a unique human being, going well beyond a mere rendering or “lookalike.” He aims to create an emotional response in viewers, allowing them the freedom to see the model as they really are — unique, beautiful, and without perfectly symmetrical features. He makes them real — just as we all are.

Wouldn’t you love to bring this kind of depth and meaning into your own artwork and paint portraits that truly honor those you are painting? Just imagine the joy this would bring to others and to you as an artist. Well, now is your chance!

Invest in Yourself!

With Bill’s informative and easygoing teaching style, you will find yourself wanting to start a pastel project after watching just the first few minutes of this video!


With Bill’s guidance, you’ll see:

  • Painting with pastels is easy and fun: Once you learn even a few of these secrets, you’ll feel a burning desire to find out more!
  • How to transfer your painting knowledge to pastel painting: It is the next step in taking your art into an entirely new style of painting, and great for those moments when oils just won’t do.
  • How to create an endless palette: Limited only by your imagination, you can create any color — no need to run out and purchase a specific color you may use only once!
  • How you can easily adapt techniques: You probably already know more about pastel painting techniques than you think!
  • The right way to handle and care for pastels: Pastels can be a bit fragile, but even if they break, you can keep on using them — no waste!
  • How you can make corrections: Pastels are very forgiving, allowing you to make corrections and adjustments as you go.

And much, much more!