Steve Curry/Christine Lashley Combo


Video Length: 11 Hours 47 Minutes
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Create Sought-After Paintings with this Powerhouse Video Combo

Your chance to see two of our best-selling videos at one low price!

Steve Curry: Finding Your Voice - Painting with Creative Expression


Increase Demand For Your Artwork

After going through this course, you’ll come away with an understanding of what will truly set YOUR paintings apart from everyone else in the marketplace.

How can that be? Steve Curry spent years running a successful ad agency. He knows just what to do to create art that others find attractive … and what makes people want to buy it. 

You’ll not only get an incredible lesson in painting from a true master, you’ll get a few key insider secrets he learned from his career in the advertising industry. 

Simplification is Power

Too many things going on in your paintings makes it hard for viewers to follow, leading them to look at something else.

Steve Curry has proven that less is more when it comes to composition and design — keeping a simpler design that draws viewers in.


Here’s a bit more of what you’ll see here:

  • How to use sketches and thumbnails for reference
  • The secret to using references to inform, not as something to be “copied”
  • How to edit your scene down to the basics for powerful impact
  • Ways to find the “energy” in the scene
  • Keys to composition for clarity
  • Color theme secrets you can use immediately
  • A simple layout option using panel proportions
  • How to address mistakes in real time 
  • A technique to push contrasts where needed
  • And more….

Pair this excellent video with another one of our best sellers, Vibrant Landscapes with Christine Lashley, and you’ll be on your way to a full breakthrough in your paintings:


Highlights of Vibrant Landscapes:

  • Discover Christine’s uniquely creative ideas about reflections
  • How to use photo references without being overly dependent on them
  • Water-soluble oils explained like never before
  • Painting from memory … rules you won’t forget
  • How slowing down helps you paint more loosely (surprised?)
  • When “flinging color around” is the right thing to do
  • Why “juicy underpaintings” are fun and useful
  • Creating studies — the shortcut to excellence
  • Discover Christine’s special tips you’ll never hear anywhere else
  • PLUS: A beautiful demonstration painting by Christine: Golden Hour, Giverny
  • And much, much more!


If you’re looking to master water reflections, look no further than Christine Lashley’s course called Vibrant Landscapes.

Christine follows up her debut video, Paintings That Sparkle, with even more tips and techniques for you to elevate the quality of your paintings.

This time around, she’s going to show you... to observe water and understand how it works so you can create paintings with believable wet water and glistening reflections.

She’ll reveal how to use certain “visual tricks” to simplify complex reflections — making them mucheasier to paint.

You’ll also discover how to identify what colors are warm and cool and how to see “hidden colors— skills that will help you paint any water scene!

Plus, you’ll discover how to mix your colors to create realistic-looking water... to use paint handling to maximize the transparent nature of water to paint realistic reflections with correct colors, angles, and values…