Nicholas Coleman/John MacDonald Landscape Combo


Video Length: 11 Hours 54 Minutes
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Nicholas Coleman: Storypainting: Creating Emotion with Your Brush


Storypainting… a word that describes the mission of nearly all painters — to create artwork that is breathtaking in appearance and will also lead the viewers through the story you’re telling.

Filmed on location in Nick’s Provo, UT studio, he sets out to tell and show you how he includes an underlying story in each of his paintings. Believing there is no substitute for your own experiences, you’ll see how this talented artist develops his storyline and then tells the story through his exquisite artwork.

Nick finds that being in nature allows us to see things no one else can. He’s learned the more you love your subject, the more the emotions and story details will come across in your work. 

You’ll see that Nick keeps things spontaneous, making it more interesting and engaging for himself as the artist. With that as his start-to-finish commitment, you’ll discover what sets Nick apart … how to begin and end paintings with confidence. 

For artists at every level, Nick offers tools to help you launch your own ideas right from the beginning of each painting. Paint along with Nick as he keeps things simple with a limited palette, good paint, and great brushes — all while having fun and creating a beautiful piece of art, even if it’s your first one.

Paired with Nicholas Coleman, we’ve brought another title out of the vault. One of our best sellers ever, you’re going to really benefit from John MacDonald in Poetic Landscapes. Together, these two highly talented artists will have you falling in love with landscape painting all over again.


John MacDonald: Poetic Landscapes


In Poetic Landscapes, John MacDonald will solve two big problems that most landscape painters experience: 

  1. How in the world can you convey emotion when there are no tubes of paint labeled “Tranquility,” “Drama,” or “Peace”?
  2. How to create an amazing landscape painting when working from sketches, studies, or photographs.


You’ll see that John solved both of these issues long ago and he’ll help you do the same.

As John demonstrates his proven 7-step landscape painting process, new artists and those with many years of experience will understand and apply John’s tried and true steps and techniques that have allowed him to create striking and award-worthy paintings.

You’re about to see how color, value relationships, and the quality of light will help you elevate your ability to create a desired mood or emotion in your paintings. You’ll see how composition, selecting a focal point, and tonal underpainting make a tremendous difference in how viewers see and experience your artwork.

Even when working from a study or photograph, you’ll see how to capture the natural beauty of the landscape — the relationships and important details that communicate true nature, and not just a duplication of a potentially distorted photo. 


In this video, John demonstrates:

  • How to create mood and emotion for more dynamic paintings
  • Balancing warm and cool colors so they work in harmony
  • Tips for taking and using photos for your landscape paintings
  • How to paint tricky elements such as snow 
  • And so much more…