Lori Putnam/Suzie Baker Bundle


Video Length: 5 Hours 42 Minutes
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Bring Vitality to Your Paintings with this Instruction Video Combo

Here’s how Lori Putnam’s paintings have been described by art historian Jean Stern, “Like the natural light that figures so prominently in her work, Lori Putnam’s art does not sit still, it is constantly in motion. She treats the viewer to the total plein air experience — not simply the effect of light, which she captures so well, but the movement inherent in fluid sunlight. It is the motion of life itself. Lori does this like no one can.”

In her “Bold Brush Strokes and Confident Color” video, you’ll experience Lori’s friendly teaching style as she presents a complete, step-by-step outline of her painting process to help YOU use bold brush strokes and strong color to bring your paintings to life!


In Lori’s video, you’ll learn:

  • How to capture the movement inherent in fluid sunlight
  • Lori’s start-to-finish painting process
  • How to bring bold color into your paintings
  • The best way to use brushes when you want to make a statement
  • How to bring a new sense of confidence to your work
  • A whole lot more!


To back up Lori’s work, we’ve paired her video with Suzie Baker’s “Color Magic for Stronger Paintings.”

Suzie is an award-winning artist and highly sought-after instructor who has made color theory more easily understandable for everyone. She takes a very practical approach to color so you can identify and create accurate color mixes, setting you up for success every time.


In this video course, Suzie teaches you to:

  • Analyze and mix colors like a pro
  • Bring realistic, glowing light into your paintings
  • Make informed decisions about pushing the color of objects 
  • Prepare your canvas in advance and why it’s just like wearing Spanx™ (You’ll love this truth bomb!)
  • Relate color theory to painting outdoors — this applies to any medium and subject matter, and you can put this to use right away
  • Incorporate useful, and cheap, tools that you’ll wish you had all along!
  • See how different light sources affect the colors and shadow of an object 
  • Identify colors more accurately and filter out what doesn’t matter
  • Use photographs in the best way possible
  • Complete a simple assignment before every painting — this will help you nail the right colors the first time
  • Choose what to include and what to leave out based on the sources of light — you’ll never find yourself fighting the light again!
  • And so much more!