Lon Brauer/Garin Baker Combo


Video Length: 10 Hours
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The Abstract and The Intuitive

Two excellent artists showing you how to drastically improve your figure painting skills


Lon Brauer: Abstract Figure Painting

Garin Baker: Intuitive Figure Painting


Simplify complex and daunting figure and portrait subjects by recognizing their “hidden” shapes. Watch as master artist Lon Brauer shows you in great detail how he creates his award-winning paintings.

Figure painting can be very complex…

But there’s a way to make it simpler.

The trouble most novice artists are struggling with is not knowing how to SEE shapes in the subject or photo reference.

The shape is, ultimately, the core of all visual imagery.

That means the “secret” to making even the most daunting of subjects 10x easier to paint is quite simple:

You find the “hidden” shapes in the subject or photo reference.

When you can take something as complex as a photo reference and break it down into basic shapes … painting essentially becomes almost as easy as painting by numbers.

It all comes down to mastering the ability to see shapes.

What you’ll discover here is how to recognize shapes in figure and portrait compositions in a way you’ve probably never been taught before.

You’ll soon be able to see the “hidden” shapes behind any subject you wish to paint — a powerful skill that will last for life.

You’re going to have a firm foundation you can build upon, which only leads you to creating more powerful paintings viewers will love.

Beginner artists tend to “copy the image,” but what you’ll find here will get you closer to painting mastery.

You’re going to see the inner workings of exactly how award-winning artists make their mark in the art community…

…and all you have to do is follow simple steps.

To really get you on the fast track to success, we’ve paired Abstract Figure Painting with Lon Brauer with Garin Baker’s Intuitive Figure Painting. Two amazing videos for one excellent price … but only for a limited time.

In Intuitive Figure Painting, artist Garin Baker leads you beyond the surface, through the tactical skills, and even deeper into the mindset you must have in order to be successful.

Garin will show you how to nail figure proportions so your paintings are the best they can be. He helps you construct transitions through color and value shifts … all along the way, you’ll gain a much better understanding of color harmony, which is what will make your realistic art even more realistic.

If you’ve ever struggled with blending figures into the background of your paintings, you’re going to see how this award-winning artist creates his seamless work. You’ll want to put Garin’s techniques to use right away in your own work.

Let your lingering fears drift away and begin painting with more confidence while feeling more comfortable expressing your true style.

If you’re ready to take your skills much deeper than what you received in traditional art classes and workshops, you’re going to want to add both of these videos to your personal learning library.