Linda Kemp

Linda Kemp: Negative Painting Techniques - Light in Acrylic

Video Length: 1 Hour 14 Minutes
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Dynamic painting is all about contrasts.

Watch Linda Kemp as she shows you how to use the nature of acrylics to create contrasts in your abstract painting through value, hue, intensity and transparency. Kemp, inspired by nature, starts with a quick overview of all four characteristics. She will revisit these principles constantly as she paints and by the end of the workshop you will understand them all (most especially value and transparency) very well. While Kemp’s finished paintings look wildly complex, she is great at breaking down her very thoughtful and methodical approach to negative painting.


In Linda Kemp’s Negative Painting Techniques: Light in Acrylic you will find:

  • 73 minutes of negative painting and shape making techniques
  • Acrylic painting lessons on brushwork, glazing, texture, color mixing, and more
  • Step-by step instruction on how to paint with rich color and contrast


You will love this acrylic painting video if:

  • You want to learn negative painting techniques
  • You are inspired by nature
  • You love Linda Kemp’s art and instruction
  • You want to see the properties of acrylic paints in action

True Beginners:

This workshop doesn’t include any in-depth stand alone chapters explaining her materials however because she is such a good teacher, she repeats the names of the materials she is using in a way where it would be easy to Google anything unfamiliar. Also because of that clear instruction, it’d be easy to use the materials you have at hand. This workshop will be incredibly forgiving and it’s a great way to start getting use to your materials and becoming familiar with some of their properties.

Advanced Beginners:

If you’ve been dabbling in acrylics for a bit, this video will teach you a ton about materials you’ve already been using. Kemp does a great job explaining the properties of her materials as she uses them, and it’s great to see the contrasted effects of different properties (especially transparent vs opaque paints) side by side.


Because Kemp does such a great job of explaining what she’s doing, she will help you solidify your technical knowledge and start to show you how to put that technical knowledge into use. For example, Kemp really shows how you can play with the contrasts of your painting properties like lights vs darks and transparent vs opaque.


If you have a deep knowledge of technique and technical paint knowledge, you may not find anything new in Kemp’s workshop, but it may open you up to a new subject matter style or approach to painting. Kemp is a natural on camera and you will find her clear and concise.