Kyle Buckland

Kyle Buckland: Courageous Color

Video Length: 3 Hours 31 Minutes

Dive headfirst into color! In this video, award-winning artist Kyle Buckland shows you how to confidently mix expressive color using an easy-to-understand limited palette. He will equip you with the knowledge you need to overcome the hesitation sometimes experienced when choosing bold color combinations in your work. And he’ll show you how to control color so that it evokes an emotional response to your paintings. 


Take a Fearless Approach to Color — Keep It Simple! 

It’s amazing what you can do with only eight colors plus white ... using five tube primaries and three earth tones (colors Kyle considers toned-down versions of his primaries), you can quite simply achieve color harmony every time you paint. You have a built-in fail-proof system for great painting results!

After a review of the simple palette and tools you’ll want on hand to get started, Kyle teaches you the language of color — what words to use to describe color accurately, what different kinds of colors can do for you and what you want to say in your painting, how to find your style through your use of color, and more. As Kyle says, “Color is a language that transcends all boundaries.”

From there you’ll follow along step by step with Kyle to paint a colorful landscape set off by backlit trees, distant rolling hills, and a vibrant sky — the perfect setting to practice your skills! Kyle’s friendly and straightforward instruction makes this workshop accessible to artists of all skill levels. “We should practice so much that we become inspired by our own abilities. Then we’ll never run out of inspiration!”


Demystify Color Mixing Concepts to Paint Colorful Subjects with Ease! In Courageous Color you will:

  • Lay in a strong design to build color relationships on
  • Choose a limited palette to keep color mixing simple
  • Use complementary color combinations to neutralize color saturation
  • Mix clean colors
  • Find what brushes work best where 
  • Learn how to use wet-on-wet color layering
  • Take-it-to-the-palette tips for making color sing


The founder of the popular Artful Souls YouTube channel and a member of Oil Painters of America, among other art societies, Kyle Buckland has devoted his life to capturing the nuances of color in the world around him. Ever since he was 14 and wore the covers off a book of Monet paintings, Kyle has gone outdoors to study nature and the colors it provides for the painter. And that has provided him with opportunities to learn tips along the way for truly seeing color, and understanding when to bend and change it to make a better painting. Quoting Monet himself, Kyle says, “We have to lie a little bit to get to the truth.” Come follow along with Kyle to paint color with confidence. 


This Video Includes

  • Start-to-finish demonstration of a landscape painting in oil, broken down chapter by chapter
  • Fan favorite! High-Speed View of demo painting
  • Bonus Tip on how to make your white paint more mixable
  • Inspiring paintings by the artist, set to music
  • Insights from the artist
  • And more!


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