Julie Gilbert Pollard

Julie Gilbert Pollard: Acrylic Unleashed - Painting a Snowy Landscape

Video Length: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
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Preview this video now to establish the darks loosely and simply with two fluid acrylic paints which will allow for a strong underpainting that can vary from warm to cool as needed!

Julie Gilbert Pollard Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Snowy Landscape is your guide for creating colorful and beautiful snowy landscapes.

Watch and learn as artist Julie Gilbert Pollard creates a snowy creek scene using vital techniques like beginning with an underpainting, creating color harmony, successful and color mixing tips, shape making, and how to combine lost and found edges. Follow Julie's step-by-step instruction and you will be creating your own spectacular snowy scenes.

In Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Snowy Landscape you'll find:

  • Acrylic lessons on color mixing, brushwork, values and more
  • Quick tips to loosen up your landscape paintings with gesture to capture the rhythm of the subject
  • Methods to enhance reality with exciting color and value



  1. Introduction & Materials
  2. Review the Subject
  3. Complete a Drawing
  4. Establish the Darks
  5. Block in Big Shapes
  6. Refine Shapes
  7. Final Touches
  8. Wrap Up