Johnnie Liliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl: The Pitcher Girl


Study the methods of the Old Masters with Johnnie Liliedahl. 

Learn monochromatic underpainting, color glazes and scumbles, and how to create the porcelain flesh colors achieved by the great Victorian artist Victor Thirion.

After the painting by Victor Thirion. This is my most richly illustrated and written project to date (1997). An appreciation of the art revered and exalted in the mid-Nineteenth Century led me to study the techniques of masters like Bouguereau, Glyre, and Therion.

The academic training that provided the foundation for this kind of smooth, flawless work declined and eventually disappeared from the mainstream art schools with the advent of late 19th and early 20th Century art.

The information contained on this CD, when viewed or printed, is an exact reproduction of the original, printed version, no longer available. The user has complete control of the viewing process and may choose to print any or all of the included documentation, as desired. Printing images in color requires the user to have a color printer.


The CD contains the following information for viewing and/or printing:

  • 80 pages of instructions
  • 10 full-page color images; Value/Color Placement Diagrams; Color Swatch Reference Guide (displayed in color on user's computer monitor for easy reference; requires a color printer to print in color)
  • Cartoon Line Drawing included for the user to print and enlarge to the painting size of their choice.

More about the project from the original printed version:

SIZE: 20" x 30"

TECHNIQUE: Tonal Wash, Tonal Underpainting, Underpainting Color Glazes, Opaque Overpainting, Glazing and Scumbling.

CONTENTS: 74 Written Pages, 10 Pages in Color with 19 Color Images, 4 Value/Color Placement Diagrams, Cartoon Line Drawing.

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