Johnnie Liliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl: Drawing the Head in Oil


Video Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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This video explores not only the theory and measurements to determine likenesses of the model in three views, but also how to control the medium of oil paint during the drawing process. 

Three head views are fully demonstrated, using the live model, graphic illustrations to capture the likeness, and full verbal narration of the painting/drawing process. This video is a must for painters wanting to venture into portrait or character painting.


In Drawing Faces, Remember These Important Rules:

  • The facial mas is divided into three equal parts.
  • The width of the nose is the same as the distance between the eyes.
  • The corners of the mouth are located directly below the pupils.
  • The eyebrow begins under the browbone and arches over the bone.
  • The arch of the eyebrow is outside the edge of the iris.
  • The eyes are located ⅓ down the length of the middle third.
  • The face is five eyes wide.
  • The eyes and mouth lose width as they turn toward ¾ and profile.
  • The nose does not lose width, regardless of view. 


If your model varies from these measurements, you have identified the most important characteristics that define their likeness. These rules are your benchmark against which to compare every subject you paint or draw.