Johnnie Liliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl: First Dance

Video Length: 4 Hours 30 Minutes

This program explores the sight-size method of drawing from a photo reference and gives insight into getting likenesses for your portrait faces as they turn from full-face to three-quarter view. It also shows how to paint a quick and easybackground that will influence the key and color scheme of the entire painting from the first strokes.

As with most of Liliedahl's videos, extensive printed materials are included so that you can paint along with her if you choose to try this method of painting and use the same references that she used to create this painting.

The pose was chosen because of the ambiguous expression on the young model's face, one you might see on a teen who is attending her first dance party and not sure if or when she will have a beau to partner with on the dance floor.

If you are trying to paint from photographs, this video will show you how to use a standard set of pre-mixed fleshtones and convert the information in the photo to something that will fit within your color scheme. The section on painting the color of the blond hair is one that you will want to see, as blond is one of the most difficult colors of hair to capture.


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