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Jill Stefani Wagner: Pastel Painting from Photos


Here’s just a glimpse of what Jill offers in this video course:

  • How to find the subject matter that calls to you
  • Making the right “value” decision in your painting
  • How to take the anxiety out of painting and enjoy it again
  • A quick way to gain new confidence in your work
  • A structure for approaching each new painting
  • Using photos to inspire and not to copy from
  • How to infuse realistic light into your paintings
  • Best way to layer pastels 
  • How to gain certainty when starting a new painting
  • How to paint realistic water, sky, buildings, and trees
  • Elements needed in your painting to tell a story
  • How to base a painting on the underpainting
  • Easy way to transfer your sketch to your substrate
  • Simple step to adjust a photo reference so it is more valuable
  • Why using THIS type of charcoal is a little known secret
  • How to see shades in the shadows
  • Why you should paint from photos you’ve taken (not taken by others)
  • Why you should build computer files of inspiring photos
  • How best to create undulating water with pastels
  • And much more…


“I know that I will have to make hundreds and hundreds of paintings to improve, and I am willing to take that journey.”   — Jill Stefani Wagner

This quote brings memories of an old expression about experience … that you only get experience by making mistakes. Painful but true.

As artists, we can sometimes stare at great paintings and wonder how the artist did it. We wonder what kind of special genius they had that allowed them to create such incredible art. We sometimes start asking ourselves bad questions, like “How come I’m not that talented?”

Wrong question

You have talent. You just need good mentors along your path to pull that talent out and inspire you to practice it daily. 

Jill Stefani Wagner is one of those special mentors you need along your path. She’ll help you improve your skills so that your art journey is always in an upward motion.

One of Jill’s mentors gave her some pivotal advice early on: “Pick one subject, and paint it 25 times.” At the time, Jill didn’t understand why, but she followed that advice, and it changed her life. Now, she’s reaching out to you through this new video and sharing this foundational secret to her incredible success (along with a bunch more!).



Jill Stefani Wagner: 5 Step Pastel Painting

 Inside the video, you’ll discover breakthrough tips like:

  • How to plan your next masterpiece with the “Big 5 Steps” (always follow these!) ...
  • Layering colors in pastel the RIGHT way (most do this completely wrong) ...
  • How to infuse light into your artworks...
  • The “hidden” structure behind every painting and how to implement it.
  • Tonal underpainting to successfully set your composition...
  • Simple tricks you can do when you have bad reference photos...
  • Expert insights on how to adjust your photos so the scene looks more like you remember when you photographed it...
  • How to skyrocket your results by “painting with intention” (you’ll LOVE this) ...
  • How to paint realistic skies during a sunset...
  • How to create paintings that radiate with inner light…
  • ...and much more!


5 Step Pastel Painting is just what you need to help you lessen your anxiety when starting a new painting, create higher quality work, and lessen your “throw-aways!”

Jill is going to help you with everything from offering the best tips for painting from a photograph to stepping back and calling the piece finished!

She’ll share her Big 5 Steps to plan and create your work so that you know exactly where you’re headed on your current piece of art — no more wondering and straying off from what you intended the drawing or painting to be!

One of the best benefits of studying with Jill via this video is that she is an expert at helping you gain confidence in your work. When you plan ahead using her Big 5 Steps, you’ll have a structure and system to approach each new painting.

You’ll now have what it takes to apply pastels from start to finish!