Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts: Design - Landscape Painting Techniques for Success

Video Length: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

Preview Design: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success now for painting tips on how to make your painting exciting with a push and pull of vertical and horizontal lines, and how to manipulate your subject to lead the viewer to your focal point and around your painting.

Learn to create great paintings by improving your foundational design skills with Ian Roberts!

To create successful paintings, every artist needs to first master the basics of design and composition. In this workshop, Ian will show you how to arrange your colors and shapes to lay the groundwork for a realistic and successful finished work.

To do this, there are two main rules Ian encourages you to follow. First, learn to keep the viewer's eye within the picture plane using strategic composition rules. Second, discover how to translate the three-dimensional scene you observe into a convincing two-dimensional work full of depth. You'll be surprised how much these two rules improve your painting—and how easy they are to master!


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