Hedi Moran

Hedi Moran: Lilies


Video Length: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
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Hedi Morans' loose, impressionistic, painterly style is as fresh and quick as it looks. Her working methods are direct and clearly understandable.

She is an articulate and effusive instructor, who clearly is passionate about her painting. You cannot help but be swept up in her enthusiasm for her subjects. She painted four floral subjects in her five days with us, and we liked them so much that we are bringing them to you two at a time.

Each painting tackles a different floral subject, with markedly different color schemes, but there is a consistent thread through her paintings that shows the similarity of the process and structure used to create these diverse compositions

Her techniques are based on classic concepts of thick over thin, opaque over transparent, and warm/cool color relationships. These concepts are the constant in her work, and ones that she enunciates with clarity. The painter who needs a process which works every time he/she approaches the canvas will do well to consider Hedi Moran's painting techniques. She can paint with virtually any brush at hand, often using a single brush for the entire painting......and a 99-cent brush, at that!

As a long-time resident instructor at Scottsdale Artists School, Hedi has taught hundreds of painters how to conquer their fears and truly enjoy pushing the paint around. With years of experience as a teacher, she knows what painters need to see and understand....and she is an excellent instructor.