Ann Baldwin

Ann Baldwin: Telling Stories with Collage & Paint

Video Length: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
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Join internationally acclaimed collage artist Ann Baldwin in an energetic art instruction video filmed in a live workshop at the Asilomar Art & Soul Conference, on the topic of Telling Stories with Collage and Paint.

In this painting video, Ann shows you how to use texture painting techniques to tell a story. Ann first walks through important topics of material selection and image preparation. She divulges where she finds her collage artwork and gives useful artist tips on how to organize all of those collage elements. Next, Ann shares her approach to color in art, explains her process for directing the viewer's eye to the important parts of her design, and discusses the importance of being willing to sacrifice parts for the good of the whole.

Ann's video goes beyond the beginner painting and shows how to use those texture and layering techniques to create a deep and meaningful story.

As a bonus, the video includes Ann's helpful critiques of her students' work, a gallery of her collages and printable handouts from the workshop. It's almost like being there!

Kick start your creativity with internationally acclaimed collage artist Ann Baldwin. In this energetic live workshop, Ann shares her secrets for getting organized, getting creative and getting started with your art.

 She demonstrates techniques for glazing, printing, texturing, highlighting, and altering the text and images that form the base of her collage. Her methods are simple enough to start working in minutes but sophisticated enough to refine over a lifetime of painting.

 From unique image sources to acrylic mediums, Ann explains all her materials in depth. As she puts them into practice, she focuses on design and color theory concepts, presenting concrete examples that allow beginners and experienced painters to follow the workshop.


Six class handouts are included on the video for printing:

  • A Personal Approach to Collage
  • Adding Texture to Mixed Media Collages
  • Glazing, Adhesives and Mediums
  • Introductory Exercise
  • Overcoming Fear (also available online)
  • Questions about a Finished Painting


BONUS CLIP: Collage Texture with Paste and Gel
In this clip from her video workshop, Telling Stories with Collage and Paint, mixed media artist Ann Baldwin creates raised texture and pattern with light molding paste and acrylic gel. Ann offers tips on applying, manipulating, and curing your acrylic textures.