Mark Mehaffey

Mark Mehaffey: Watercolor Painting on Yupo - Painting Waterfalls


Video Length: 1 Hour 2 Minutes
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In this video, Mark Mehaffey demonstrates how to paint a vibrant waterfall using watercolor techniques on a YUPO® surface.

Discover how to work from a limited palette of primary colors in warm and cool tones, along with how to use photo references and value sketches to determine the composition of your painting. Then, find out how to create a smooth midtone over the surface of the synthetic paper without leaving any visible brush strokes, and set the foundation of your image. From there, you'll explore how to create texture and lift the paint to make the lightest tones of the painting. Finally, you'll learn how to add the darkest tones and details to emphasize the focal point of your painting and create the effect of flowing water.