George James

George James: Mastering Yupo - Techniques for Synthetic Paper

Video Length: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

George James, AWS DF, NWS shows you dozens of ways to put pigment on Yupo paper.

He has developed a process that promotes predictable results and a creative flexibility unheard of on regular watercolor paper.

If you're stuck in your old watercolor ways, let George James expand your creative horizons with his dazzling Yupo techniques. George uses ingenious tools to achieve effects impossible on standard paper. Even experienced watercolorists will feel like they've discovered a new medium, George takes the frustration out of your transition to synthetic paper.

He shares years of experience with Yupo, from complex layering methods to simple tips on how much water to hold in your brush.

The workshop is a tour de force of techniques. You'll discover new methods for washes, glazing, line work, and adding texture. You'll delight in Yupo's unique properties as George teaches you to reclaim whites from wet or dry paint. He helps you take control of this unpredictable surface with an array of stamps, spritzers, wipes, and rollers.

Wake up to a new world of watercolor in Mastering Yupo with George James.

In this video workshop George demonstrates his techniques for achieving variegated washes, smooth washes, lifting, ghosting, splattering, stamping, creating darks and lifting whites. He creates rich surface textures and luminous dark passages. George is generous with his knowledge and clearly explains the theory behind his every move. The viewer will understand how to anticipate and create desired effects.

Any artist interested in trying Yupo will benefit from this video by this national award-winning artist, George James.


BONUS CLIP: Smooth Washes on Yupo

In this clip from his video workshop, Mastering Yupo, watercolorist George James teaches you how to paint a smooth wash on synthetic paper. The paper does not absorb paint, so George uses a foam roller to smooth variations in the wash. You also learn to make a gradation between two colors.


Interview with George James


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