George James

George James: Designing for Content - Yupo Master Class

Video Length: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

Gain insight and skill on using watercolor on Yupo paper with George James in this Master Class instructional video, Watercolor & Yupo Designing for Content.

Create art that captures memories and emotions with gold-medal-winning watercolorist George James. In this advanced watercolor workshop, George leads you beyond techniques for mixing paint and making shapes to the level of feeling color and understanding design.

Inspired by the memory of a childhood music lesson, George demonstrates his entire process for creating meaning on YUPO paper. He translates moods and moments into artistic metaphors, using gesture and color to define his menacing instructor and deliberate shapes to conjure the monotony of a metronome.

With airbrushed glazes, squeegees, masking tape and even his fingernails, George endows the painting with the character, color and elegant curves of his old violin. This video features more than an hour of bonus material covering composition, design concepts, acrylics and creative techniques for drawing. The entire workshop guides you from technical and material concerns toward making decisions based on meaning and design. Elevate your art with George James in Designing for Content.


This art instruction video for intermediate to advanced artists is packed with bonuses. George James covers a range of topics, including:

  • What makes a painting an artistic expression
  • Art as communication
  • Creating mystery with darks
  • Design considerations for communicating your personal statement or metaphor into your art
  • Numerous YUPO painting techniques you can apply to your work

Bonus Chapters include:

  • Zones
  • The Grid
  • Point of View
  • Exchange
  • Linking
  • Drawing with Shapes
  • Schematic Drawing
  • Acrylics on Yupo
  • George James Gallery


Master's Series Workshops are chosen to be part of the MASTER'S SERIES based on their exceptionally high design and thinking content. While providing a more in-depth view of technique, it also provides the instructor an opportunity to share the foundation of thought upon which their style and content are built. Technique still plays an important role, but it is no longer the stand alone, dominant aspect of the workshop. MASTER'S SERIES workshops provide students the opportunity to understand the design, thought, and feeling that goes into making a successful piece of art.


Bonus Clip: Designing with Zones


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