Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson: Quick Studies - Studies in Under an Hour


Video Length: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
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Learn more in less time with Quick Studies.

Craig Nelson's exciting one-hour sessions help you hone your skills without spending days on a single painting. Craig's dynamic approach works with any subject matter.

In this workshop, he paints a floral from life and a figure from photo reference. In both demonstrations, you'll see a time-tested approach to developing oil paintings. Craig breaks his process into five basic stages, allowing you to identify your weaknesses at every step. You'll learn to pick the right brush, evaluate color, and rework problem areas. As you gain confidence, you'll begin to eliminate unimportant details and say more with less. As Craig says, "For painting skills, it is far better to paint 30 one-hour paintings than one 30-hour painting." Get started on your first exhilarating hour in Quick Studies in Oil with Craig Nelson.


BONUS CLIP: Eggs & Orange

In this clip from his video workshop, Quick Studies in Oil, Craig Nelson adds colorful shadows and eye-catching highlights to key elements in a still life painting. Craig explains how to accurately reflect the light sources in your scene and how to build a painting using grays instead of glaring colors.




Since 1970, Dr. Craig Nelson has been depicting figures landscapes and various environments in rich vibrant oils. His passion for the subjects relates directly to his brush work, weaving mood and emotion into each work of art.

After graduating from Art Center College of Design with distinction, Craig began his career working in Los Angeles for recording companies and motion picture studios, creating portraits and other subjects with strict deadlines. Craig's countless movie posters include "The Cowboys", "Slapshot", and "Homeward Bound" among many others. His album cover credits include, "Sammy Davis Jr. Live", "Rick Nelson, Country" and "Natalie Cole, Thankful" along with many more.

Collectors include, James Garner, Neil Simon, Toyota Corporation, UCLA Dental and Law School, the U.S. Air Force, UCSF Dental School and many more. He has won over 200 awards of excellence and several gold medals. The "Arts for the Parks" national competition awarded Craig the Grand Teton Natural History Award for a painting entitled "Dining Alone". His work is collected in the United States, Asia as well as Europe.