Laurin McCracken

Laurin McCracken: Watercolor Realism - Glass & Wood


Video Length: 5 Hours 40 Minutes
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Inspired by the Dutch still-life painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, watercolor master Laurin McCracken has made it his life’s mission to capture the beauty of objects in spectacular detail. He’s won all the top awards and is considered one of the best watercolor artists on earth.

In Watercolor Realism: Glass & Wood, Laurin walks you through every step of his painting process from start to finish. Discover how he attains such a high level of realism and how he achieves his rich, deep black — a hallmark of his award-winning paintings. Expand your knowledge of tools and learn — from brushes to paper to paint — which will make the difference for your realistic paintings. You’ll explore every step Laurin takes to achieve his glass and wood painting so you can repeat the process with any subject matter while you paint along. You can apply these techniques to any realism subject … not JUST glass and wood.

Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete one start-to-finish watercolor painting
  • Learn how to paint realistically
  • Discover which papers, brushes, and paint are best for realistic painting
  • How to paint realistic glass
  • How to paint realistic wood
  • How to paint rich background blacks
  • How to use McCracken’s signature brush techniques


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Bernie Dettorre
Watercolor Realism: Glass and Wood

Since the Dutch masters are my favorite artists, it was a simple decision to order this video. The instruction and tips are so helpful , color choices and techniques spot on, resulting in a treasure for the viewer. I look forward to attempting another reflective glass image. Thank you , Lauren, for your expertise.

Dixie Oswald
Watercolor Live 2000 Performance

I painted along with Lauren at the first Watercolor Live. He painted silver. Much to my amazement his work was advertised in the flight magazine I read while flying to Arkansas. The painting I did with him is one of my better attempts. Thank you Lauren and Eric Rhoads for the your presentation in Watercolor Live. I'm certain this would be well worth it.

Karen James
Outstanding teaching video

I purchased this video after seeing a portion of it on Facebook and finding that informative. The video is more than 5 hours long and chock full of detailed information. The video is very clear, meaning that as Laurin paints, the work and how he paints is in clear view and unobstructed. He explains everything he is doing. I've purchased other videos from another source that didn't offer half as much information. I've learned so much, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another video. I do wish that it didn't start at the beginning of the video each time I start it, and that I could watch it offline. I can live with those things though!

Don’t pass this by!

I have been fortunate to study under Laurin twice and I will tell you this...if you study this DVD you will finish light years ahead if you are a realism watercolorist. Laurin has a great reputation as a decorated artist with many awards and prestigious positions and he really try's to pass on as much knowledge about the medium as he can. He's a Blessing to aspiring artists and to the medium as well. So buy this and you'll not be disappointed!

Debbie CLarke
OUTSTANDING Training Video

I was very excited to receive a digital copy of Laurin Mc Crackens training video on his Watercolour techniques for Still Life Paintings. It was all that was offered and more.
I watched it in part several times and then used his advice to set up my own composition and photoshoot for reference images to use to learn Laurin's techiniques. His generosity with his knowledge and experience was impressive and I learnt so much from his careful measured explanations and demonstrations. I highly recommend Laurin's course it is awesome.