Jeff Legg

Jeff Legg: Green Bottle and Apricots

Video Length: 4 Hours

Jeff is a consumate still life painter whose works are highly sought after. He kindly consented to do a series of videos, of which this is the first, so that others might benefit from his skill and knowledge on this subject.

We were happy to find out that his skill as an instructor matches his painting ability, so that the result is a wonderful blend of painting and teaching and know you will enjoy and value the first in this important series for those who are anxious to know how to add that extra special touch to their paintings.

As is almost always the case, with some notable exceptions for several much longer and more expensive videos specifically intended to show the entire process, this painting was taken as far as possible for filming purposes. Afterwards, Jeff put the final, finishing touches on the painting in his own studio; however, he did make some general notes as to what he did for the completion, which are shown at the end of the video.


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