Jim Wodark

Jim Wodark: Composition for Painters


Video Length: 5 Hours
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In this video training, Jim Wodark shows you:

  • Exactly how great composition leads to great paintings — it’s a fact, and it’s all here for you!
  • Ways to help people read the story of your painting
  • How to convey feeling and emotion in your art
  • How you get faithful fans who want to see and collect your art
  • How to rearrange nature to make a better painting every time
  • Rules vs. options — what you must do and what you can choose NOT to do
  • How to bring dramatic effects into your paintings without interrupting the harmony
  • A breakdown of critical design concepts
  • The ONE quick-draw technique you’re probably not using that you’ll now want to use forever
  • And so much more!


Jim Wodark says that painting your canvas with color before nailing the composition is like trying to spread pretty frosting on a half-baked cake. No matter how good the frosting is, the cake isn’t going to hold up … and you won’t be satisfied with the outcome.

In this powerful video, Jimproves that the answer to “What makes a good painting good?” is great composition. It’s what high-level artists know and use to make their paintings rise above the rest. Suddenly things will start feeling right, all because you understand these composition principles.

And one of the best ways to understand the mind of a painter is by listening to an interview to really get the motivation behind the art. A personal interview with Jim is included for you. You’ll really appreciate his tremendous insight and the sage advice he shares here.

Then, take the time to view some of Jim’s best paintings in the gallery. Not only is this great eye candy for you, you’ll be able to see the outcome of Jim’s tried-and-true composition techniques in the end product because now you’ll know what to look for!

Here’s a trick: Before you even watch Jim teach the composition secrets, look at the gallery segment first. Then after you view the instructional video, look through the gallery again. You’ll recognize his tips and tricks at work in every painting.

BONUS: Be looking for the bonus segment on mixing grays. Believe it or not, this is another secret that most of the great masters use to actually make paintings feel more colorful!


    Customer Reviews

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    Nelda Ream-Jinkerson
    Jim Wodark Composition for Painters

    Jim Wodark gives us not just a beautiful demonstration, but three hours of solid teaching about what makes a strong painting. His teaching about how to lead the eye through the painting to the focal point was very interesting. He also gave us wonderful information about mixing grays that work cohesively with the color stars of a painting. He shows us how solid design concepts used at the beginning of a painting makes the later painting of a piece much more enjoyable. Jim is not only a great painter, he is a great teacher. I will return to this DVD again and again.

    Karyl Barbosa
    Jim Wodark, Master of composition and color

    Jim Wodark gives many wonderful hints to building an inviting composition. He shares an easy way to establish placement of focal points and explains how to use them in the composition. He has many jewels of helpful hints on how to change subject matter into an exciting and interesting painting. He demonstrates using hard and soft edges to have the eye travel through the painting.

    The video is user friendly giving several ways to view it. I liked the itemized subject matter. This made it easy to find your way back to where you are viewing if you take a break. I recommend watching this video several times to glean all of the wonderful nuggets he shares.
    The palette he used gave a brilliant touch to an exciting feel of sun setting on red cliffs. Jim Wodark is also a master of colors and how they can be used to play off of one another.

    Wonderful Class.

    Jim explains his concepts with calm and clarity, and holds nothing back. I enjoy his personality and his teaching style, and have learned some important principles from him. I've watched the video twice, and plan on painting along when I watch it again. Thank you for this class!

    Ken Selzer
    Jim Is One of the Best...Trust Me!

    Last year I purchased and devoured his Composition video. It is one of the best I have seen. I then had an opportunity to visit with Jim in Telluride and paint with him. He has set me on the right path. I have a long ways to go, but when I start a painting now I always ask, ‘What would Jim do? Get his video.

    Kristen Sawyer
    Love it.

    Great instruction. Have watched it twice, AND painted 'along with' to try to capture a similar 'feeling'. He has a calm and clear teaching style. I liked the way he explains his thinking on color, drawing, value, line etc as he is painting. Was worth the money.