Kathryn Stats

Kathryn Stats: Lazy Summer Day


Video Length: 4 Hours
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This video by Kathryn Stats is the last of 3 videos that we were privileged to film with Kathryn in our studio.

The first two videos demonstrated her ability to paint any subject by first showcasing a pacific ocean beach scene and then a western mountain scene, while this final video shows her ability to capture a quiet and peaceful pastoral scene in the same, spectacular manner..

It is, of course, up to Kathryn’s usual standards and is filled with comments about her painting decisions and choices as she proceeds from beginning to end. Join Kathryn as she expertly captures the scene in the alla prima method, using a previously painted study and a computer monitor for references, while using both palette knife and, mostly, bristle brushes.

If you’ve watched any of Kathryn’s previous videos, you know what to expect and she delivers in this one as well. If you haven’t seen Kathryn paint you’re in for a treat, as she deftly, but loosely, paints the important details that make the painting come to life. Her love of color, her unerring sense of proper light and her skillful brushwork make her strong, deliberate paintings feel effortless.

In her own words: "I think a good painting is like a good musical composition." Kathryn states, "It has harmony and rhythm, contrast and theme, sometimes even soloists. Those elements rarely just occur in a natural landscape. I find that I emphasize with detail and color, omit some things, mute others, even rearrange elements to create a composition that conveys my visual experience, my joy, to the viewer. It is this challenge that keeps me painting."