About Us

At Streamline Publishing, Inc., our goal with Painttube.tv is to deliver high-quality art instruction videos from some of the best known, award-winning and successful artists in the world. 

In particular, we strive to bring painting demonstrations to the viewer in a manner that is even better than witnessing it in person, with closeups, still-frames and chapter points to easily repeat passages of interest.

While we must make a profit to recover our costs and to be able to promote sales through advertising to produce these videos, our motives are altruistic in nature. We hope that these courses will be both a legacy for the artists involved and provide invaluable instruction for many, less experienced artists who are working their way towards a successful career and for those artists yet to come, not to mention a retrospective of sorts if we are able to film the same artists in later years of their careers.

We pay a liberal royalty to the artists for each sale we make of their instruction, once the production costs are recovered. This royalty provides them with a well-deserved reward for their generosity in sharing the thoughts and techniques acquired through their hard work and experience over the years.

Some of the artists choose to create these videos because they hold very few workshops and want to have courses as a resource for their followers.

NOTE: It is important to mention that companies whose purpose is to rent the videos we produce are NOT doing so with our permission and are NOT providing any kind of royalty payments to the artists involved for each rental. Though the artist does receive a royalty payment for each original video that a rental company purchases from us, they pay NOTHING ELSE, no matter how many times the video is rented afterwards. Know that the only entity making any money from rentals is the rental company itself. This seems, to us, very unfair to the artist.