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Ryan Brown: Portrait & Figure Bundle

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This bundle includes two popular Ryan Brown painting instructional videos:

Over 27 hours of in-depth instruction!



Painting the Figure in Nature

With this video we are releasing one of the most exciting and in-depth video training collections we've ever put together. It's the first of its kind... where we've combined two entirely different types of painting into one single video.

This is BIG news if you want to:

  • Take your landscape painting skills to that Old Master level of quality
  • Improve your figure painting skills to achieve the feel of a painting created hundreds of years ago
  • Discover an exciting way to combine these two art forms and create something that is truly breathtaking


Painting Classic Portraits

With this exclusive video training, you will learn:

  • The “secret” skin tone formula and how Ryan discovered it by accident — it happens to be the same formula classical masters used centuries ago, but had been forgotten over time
  • How to get your viewers to project their own emotions onto a painting, instead of feeling the model’s emotions (and why this is critical to creating a great piece of work)
  • Why creating a portrait is like building a house (and how to make sure you have a sturdy foundation that stands the test of time)
  • The three different stages of creating your drawing — and exactly why you need to follow each one in order if you want to create a beautiful finished product