Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Painting


Video Length: 16 Hours 30 Minutes
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Take a look at what you’ll find in this video:

  • Why it’s vital to be more precise when figure painting (the obvious and not so obvious!)
  • Guide the eyes of your viewers so they focus on what you want them to focus on!
  • Solve one of the biggest problems in contemporary art (your skill set will improve because of it!)
  • Keeping muscles in proportion (critical when figure painting!)
  • In awe of the color harmony you see in museums? (Re-create it in your own paintings!)
  • What Cesar considers his most important life advice and how it helped him become a better painter
  • The BEST way to paint figures from a photo (but will get that ‘live model’ look!)
  • Cesar’s FOUR favorite brush sizes (they’ll become your favorites, too!)
  • The best colors for attaining the best skin tones
  • When to go light, when to go heavier


If you’re passionate about figure painting and want to learn how the great masters painted, you’re in for a delightful surprise.

It’s true that you can get some of what you need from books and through experimentation. But you’ll save a lot of time by learning from someone who has practiced, experimented, and developed tips and techniques over years of study.

Cesar Santos is one of the world’s best figure painters to join us in our studio to create an art tutorial video. This is one of the most in-depth courses we have EVER produced.

Cesar is known as “The Man Who Conquered the World Through Painting.” In fact, he’s not only one of the best painters on the planet, he’s the perfect person to learn from. He remembers learning all of the methods and techniques that he’ll teach you. He knows what artists struggle with and can teach you how to get past challenges.

This video is for everyone — from beginners to high-level professionals. With over 16 hours of practical instruction, this is not a theory or lecture based video. Cesar completes a magnificent painting from start to finish and explains each step and decision along the way.

 Even at many great art schools, it’s rare to get a chance to watch a master do a complete painting.

 You’ll get that here and best part? You can watch, learn, and practice at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or studio.

 Also included is an interview with the artist. You will love hearing his story and how he came to be passionate about art.

 If the prospect of painting life-like humans gets you excited, don’t miss this amazing video to learn and paint with Cesar Santos!


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About the Artist: Cesar Santos

From his early childhood in Cuba, Cesar Santos was always interested in creative arts after, immigrating with his family to Miami, he dreamt of a future as an artist. After attending art school and learning a contemporary view of post-impressionistic principles, Cesar wanted to add to his knowledge by understanding the scientific aspect of painting, so he set off to the Angel Academy in Florence to learn more. He then took that knowledge and blended it with what he had learned and used it to develop his own unique and personal style that reflects both modernism and traditionalism.

Cesar is well known for creating portraits that reflect his passion for the unnoticeable, yet irreplaceable, people of his community.


Customer Reviews

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Hassib Ahmad
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Painting

I got this with theSecrets of Figure Drawing and it changed the way I see reference. This will change the life of whoever doesn't have access to life models! I loved this and it was one of the best investments of my life as an artist! Thank you very much Cesar!!!

Hassib Ahmad Noori
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Painting

I got this with theSecrets of Figure Drawing and it changed the way I see reference. This will change the life of whoever doesn't have access to life models! I...

joseph grenn
I felt started in the middle since the drawing was finished at the beginning of the video.

I thought Cesar was outstanding at every level, including knowledge, talent sense of humor and honesty. Definitely worth the cost.
But I felt likeI was a bit hoodwinked into buying the video expecting the process to be from the start to the finish. However, the very crucial drawing process was not included.
I'm sure I am not the only one who felt this way. How can anyone paint a drawing that they don't have? Even Cesar stated that you need an accurate drawing before attempting topping. I would buy his drawing video if there is one, but there is no mention of it.

Good painting course

This is a well produced and well thought out video that shows Cesar Santos' painting process from beginning to end without any speeding up or editing out. Cesar is very articulate and well prepared to teach his method and give his thoughts on how to improve, it's the next best thing to a workshop.

Salve Buon giorno

It is very good course.