Kathleen Hudson: Creating Dramatic Atmosphere in Landscapes


Video Length: 7 Hours 10 Minutes

With this exclusive video training, you will discover:

  • The "hidden key" to capturing the most dramatic atmospheric effects and how to use colors to affect atmospheric distance

  • How to create "eye candy" to make the painting interesting far beyond the first look

  • Which solvent is not only odorless, it won't leave you with headaches and is the safest for studio use

  • What critical elements to watch out for when you're painting from photographs so your creation best matches reality

  • The secret to taking a fresh look at your work without ever having to walk away from it

  • How Kathleen uses the color-temperature shifts in shadows to make them far more interesting for the viewer


Have you ever stood on the shoreline, gazed at the crashing waves, and thought to yourself,

"I'd love to capture THAT in a painting!"

Have you ever wished you possessed the secret techniques the masters use so you could create your own gallery-quality composition?

Well, if you're an aspiring landscape artist, you already know that talent and technique usually come at quite a time-consuming AND costly price...

...a price that a lot of people simply aren't able to pay these days!

That's because most of us have careers, families, and other obligations that take up most of our time...

...and the expense of traveling around the world from workshop to workshop is hefty, to say the least.


What if you could get exclusive access to your ownaffordable private course with an award-winning professional landscape artist?

What if you could go back to this course and refer to it over and over again?

Think about it:

One-on-one instruction from an expert who can show you all the best techniques that the very best landscape painters in the world use in their work...

...a proven teacher who can build your confidence and skills as an artist...

...with training you can go back to for guidance and direction.

How would that change things for you and your work?

Here's something you may not realize:

The difference between a mediocre landscape artist and a truly great one is NOT raw talent or effort(or even desire)...

...it's the quality of instruction they receive!

This is the "game changer" for artists.

THIS is how you can learn, step by step, to take that sweeping mountain range, the vast desert canyon, or the sun-splashed oceanfront and create a breathtaking work of art.

In Kathleen's own words:

"The landscape has always been my chief source of artistic inspiration. II love to capture sweeping vistas of rugged terrain, shimmering waves, and dramatic atmospherics. My paintings represent specific places and moments in time: the brief point during a sunrise when the sun fills the air with an ethereal golden glow...a break in a storm where light pierces through heavy clouds oror the sight of glacial runoff sending waterfalls down the side of a mountain wreathed in fog."

When Kathleen attended the 2017 Plein Air Convention in San Diego, she got the opportunity to paint one of the most famous seashore scenes in the world: the California coastline.

And it's this stunning piece of work Hudson uses in her all-new instructional video ... where she shares all of her incredible techniques.

Recording every single step, Hudson has taken all of her landscape painting knowledge and techniques and placed them in a brand new video collection.

Now, for the first time ever, we are giving you the opportunity to access this exclusive training.

If you'd like almost seven hours of highly detailed and professional instruction that shows you everything you need to improve your technique, you're going to absolutely love...

So here's our question for you:

Would you like to learn how to paint incredible landscape scenes like a professional ... in a fraction of the time it normally takes?

If your answer is yes,Landscape Painting with Kathleen Hudson was made for you!


If you want to:

  • Take your landscape painting skills to the next level...
  • Break through your own personal artistic boundaries...
  • Enjoy a complete painting tutorial that you can return to over and over again...
  • Get 24/7 access to world-class training from the comfort of your own home...

... thenLandscape Painting with Kathleen Hudsonis the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for you.

With Kathleen's landscape painting course you'll receive almost seven hours of world-class instruction, secret tricks for maximizing your painting efficiency, and the confidence of having your own professional landscape painting instructor to go back to again and again.


About the Artist: Kathleen Hudson

Kathleen is an award-winning landscape artist who has made a name for herself painting stunning plein air and studio masterpieces.

She's a Harvard graduate, and her time in Boston honed her talent for landscape painting as she traveled the elegant New England countryside.

But the rich bluegrass of her hometown in Kentucky always called to her.

So in 2013, Hudson returned to her hometown and began to participate in regional plein air festivals.

Very quickly, Kathleen's career took off like a rocket, and she became one of the most sought-after landscape painters in America!


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