Amery Bohling

Amery Bohling: Seascape Painting Secrets

Video Length: 4 Hours 8 Minutes

With this exclusive video training, you will:

  • Discover how to paint a captivating seascape where the sea and land embrace under a Malibu sunset
  • Learn the secrets to painting light on waves, rock faces, sand, and more
  • Learn how to work with shadows and forms and lay out your painting in a way that will capture the viewer's attention
  • Learn new and exciting techniques that will help you take your work to the next level — whether you're an experienced painter or a complete beginner


If you want to paint a breathtaking seascape, you'll need to learn a few things first, such as:

  • How to use shadow and space correctly when painting rock surfaces
  • How to paint the effects of light on various wave types and vegetation
  • How to work with forms and details specific to seascapes and bring them together in harmony
  • The elements of a wave and how to make waves look real
  • How to paint water and reflections


Sound difficult?

It's not!

Yes, the truth is that it's NOT a complicated process. With the right teacher helping you, it's actually quite easy!

That's where Arizona-based painter Amery Bohling comes in.

Amery Bohling will guide you through your own seascape painting experience and your viewers will be spellbound at what you paint!

In this all-new video collection, you're going to learn, step by step, how to paint a beautiful coastal scene on El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California.

Amery will take you through every stage of her painting process from A to Z, so you can follow along at your own pace and master each key technique.

Seascape Painting Secrets features over 3 1/2 hours of in-depth painting instruction, along with an eye-opening one-on-one interview with the artist.

You'll discover how to create your value study, and how to use a grid to lay out your composition and establish the correct proportions.

You'll also learn how to paint a sweeping coastline with multiple types of crashing and rolling waves, the reflection of light on craggy rock faces, and much, much more.

Now, this part is important:

You don't need to be an experienced painter to learn how to do this. And you don't have to have talent to paint. That comes from training.

In fact, in the words of our publisher, B. Eric Rhoads, if you can follow a recipe and bake a cake, you can learn to paint. Because painting is a process.

Well, this is your "recipe" for painting a gorgeous Malibu seascape!


Let's take a closer look at what you'll learn inside Seascape Painting Secrets:

  • How to paint sand, rocks, crashing and rolling waves, and reflections on the water
  • Why you don't need to be a "perfect painter" to paint gallery-quality work
  • Amery Bohling's favorite tools for drawing, painting various strokes, and adding in details
  • Exactly how Amery mixes her seascape colors to get them just right
  • Tips and tricks for working with light and shadow
  • How to "warm up" and "cool down" your colors, and the unexpected reason you should do this in small steps
  • Why you should identify where your darkest dark and lightest light will be on your painting early on (most beginners get this step wrong)
  • How indoor and outdoor lighting affect your painting, and how to use this to your advantage
  • How (and when) to paint the foreground and background
  • How Amery keeps things interesting by using the concept of opposition within her compositions
  • What she does to fine-tune her work and turn a good painting into an outstanding one
  • How she paints waves to get a realistic and expressive effect — including the subtle details in the forms and shadows
  • The importance of balancing shadow and light
  • The different brushstrokes she uses to blend and add layers
  • How to paint still and reflective water on the shoreline
  • The secret to painting rolling and breaking waves, and the subtle way water works around rocks
  • When to bring out highlights and details of the rocks, the shoreline, and breaking waves
  • What to add and what to remove to create rhythm within your composition
  • How to create "tension points," and why these are so powerful
  • And much, much more!


About the Artist: Amery Bohling

If you ever make your way to the beautiful desert oasis known as Scottsdale, Arizona, you MUST stop in at the Amery Bohling Art Gallery.

Right now you'll find breathtaking work by Amy Karnes, Matt Sterbenz, and, of course, Amery Bohling herself.

Amery also hosts brilliant workshops in her gallery, where she helps her students learn the most valuable and critical steps of the entire painting process

That's why everyone from complete beginners to advanced painters comes here to learn under Amery's guidance.

Amery Bohling is a full-time painter, a member of the renowned "Grand Canyon Seven" group of painters, and one of the most delightful and engaging teachers in the American Southwest.

But why do so many people love to learn from her?

We think it's because she has a talent for taking complex painting concepts and breaking them down into easy steps that anyone can learn and begin using quickly.

Plus, her personality is bright and infectious, and she brings a very down-to-earth approach to the entire painting experience.


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