Shelley Prior/Michael Holter/Johanne Mangi Combo


Video Length: 12 Hours 46 Minutes
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Pet Portraits in Watercolor


When a painting showcases softness and light, it brings a wonderful sense of peace and calm to all who see it. This is exactly what artist Shelley Prior teaches in this watercolor course.

For the past 30 years, Shelley has been a professional artist and art instructor. This powerhouse combination allows her to teach you the lessons of a lifetime on subjects such as identifying value, color temperature, and of course, softness. You’ll finish the course with a much better understanding of watercolor as a medium and you’ll have a keener sense of observation skills that will help you create higher quality paintings.

Shelley shows you her best techniques for using a photo reference while still capturing a feeling or mood — something many artists never learned, creating a hesitancy to use photographs. Here, you’ll see how photos can work to your greatest advantage.

A straightforward and practical-minded teacher, Shelley’s step-by-step approach is beneficial to every level of artist. Paint right along with Shelley and you will achieve very similar results. Then, you can apply these same strategies to your next painting in order to achieve an accurate likeness, the right values, hard and soft edges, and much more.

Don’t miss one minute of Shelley’s expert advice and direction as she shares what has helped her become an award-winning artist.


Michael Holter: Seven Steps to Watercolor Portraits


Along with the cat and dog portraits, you’ll also want to learn how to create quality portraits of people.

Artist Michael Holter has this all broken down for you in Seven Steps to Watercolor Portraits.

By breaking down each step, Michael will help you discover a confident way to approach your watercolor portraits. You’ll see how to get a good composition and how to get it down onto your drawing paper accurately every time.  

You’ll uncover Michael’s secrets for using warm and cool for a portrait that sparkles, plus tips on glazing. You’ll watch as Michael works through two complete demos, and you’ll be confident enough to try his process on your own. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel creating portraits that look like your subject, but are still painterly.


Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn from Michael:

  • Michael’s step-by-step process for painting portraits
  • Sculpting the face through color and value
  • How to incorporate glazing techniques in your work
  • Adding sparkle makes a big difference … here’s how
  • Ways to create loose, painterly portraits
  • Create stronger paintings by using values
  • Useful techniques for composition
  • A lot more!

Study with Michael Holter and you’ll be on your way to creating exquisite portraits of some of your favorite people.


Johanne Mangi: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits


If you take a look throughout history, the ability to bring a dog to “life” on the canvas is a skill admired by many, yet acquired by few.

Of course, some would argue it’s an almost unattainable goal without attending regular classes or receiving one-on-one instruction.

While most people don’t realize it, there is actually a way to master the art of painting dog portraits without wasting years of your time and thousands of dollars.

What is this solution?

Studying with master artist Johanne Mangi by video. With Johanne’s guidance, you can achieve an incredible level of expertise when it comes to painting dogs. 

Throughout the course, Johanne offers instruction and demonstration on how to paint dogs. Designed so you can paint right along with Johanne, you’ll get to practice everything she presents in real time. This exercise will help you confidently take on your next portrait painting of a special dog or other animal.


In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How Johanne brings the dog’s eyes to life
  • Things you must know before you begin your animal painting
  • The clever thing Johanne includes so you don’t have to think as much when painting
  • The best type of brush to use for dog portraits
  • The easiest way to create the strands of hair at the edge of a dog’s ear (not easy, but now you’ll know how it’s done)
  • Why you shouldn’t use this modern technology piece when painting
  • The “Don’t Do This” list for painting the eyes
  • And much, much more

Not only will you be able to paint dog portraits, you’ll be creating a fine piece of art.