Richard Schmid

Richard Schmid: Alla Prima II (Expanded Edition) Book


Whether you're the owner of an original Alla Prima or a first time reader, you'll love the new Alla Prima II. Richard Schmid spent two years updating the original edition giving him the opportunity to fine tune and greatly expand what is generally regarded as the art world's foremost book for painters seeking serious instruction in representational painting.

While all of the information in the original edition has been retained, Richard Schmid revised it for greater clarity, adding abundantly to the text in response to the thousands of artists who contacted him over the years with questions and suggestions. The chapter on color, for example, which was 48 pages is now 75 pages long.

Alla Prima II is over a third larger overall, with over 328 pages, and 262 images of paintings, photos, step-by-step sequences, diagrams and bibliography. Plus, Alla Prima II includes a comprehensive index for convenience.


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