Mark Fehlman

Mark Fehlman: Design Strategies for Powerful Paintings


Video Length: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
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Here’s just some of what you’ll get in this video:

  • The #1 way to improve your artwork even before you start another painting
  • It’s okay to give Mother Nature a helping hand!
  • How to make your colors sing in harmony
  • Composition or color? Shapes or lines?
  • Meet the hero that will save your day (and your painting!)
  • Start well, finish strong — Mark spills it all
  • Color … Why limit yourself?
  • What’s so great about fuzzy, out-of-focus mountains?
  • The “Rule of Thirds” rules (Mark explains!)
  • What’s the temp? Warm and shady, cool and sunny?
  • Atmospheric perspective … here’s where to find it
  • Why sweat when you don’t have to?
  • How small shapes make big shapes look even bigger (it’s true!)
  • Low horizon, high horizon? Decisions, decisions!
  • Benefit from Mark’s exclusive 10-point checklist that you’ll want to keep handy forever!
  • Interview with the artist
  • Digital gallery of some of Mark’s finest artwork
  • And much, much more!


    Every great painting starts with ONE critical step.

    Skip or skimp on this and you’ll be producing paintings that don’t meet anyone’s standard of quality. In your effort to improve, you could waste many years and lots of money trying to advance your painting skills and still end up not getting it right. 

    Some artists never even learned this step while others learned it but never really practiced.

    What is it?

    The ability (and patience) to create a rock-solid foundation of design. You could be a good painter — really good … but if you’re not skilled in design, your paintings are doomed.

    Design Strategies for Powerful Paintings is a must-have instructional video with artist Mark Fehlman showing you that by doing a bit more work up front, you’ll be able to confidently progress through your paintings and have them turn out just as you planned.

    Throughout Mark’s early career as an architect and now as a professional artist, he’s learned that about 75 percent of his time is spent on preparation and design and 25 percent on executing that design. In this case, that’s only 25 percent of his time doing the actual painting!

    If that formula comes as a total shock to you, or if you’re using a different time ratio, your painting skills might not be the problem — it could be that you need to plan, prep, and design better …and, yes, planning and design takes some time but it will be so worth it when you see the results! 

    When you look at one of Mark’s finished paintings, you won’t be able to see everything he did before he began to paint. But you will be looking at the resultof his proven strategic planning and design theory.

    His methods are what make him stand out from many other artists because he plots, plans, and then eases into the painting, knowing he has a solid foundation to rely on every step of the way.

    Think about a time when you’ve struggled through a painting — did you have to spend a lot of time correcting mistakes or making adjustments? Have you had to repaint entire sections until you got it where you wanted it, or at a minimum, settled on something you thought was “acceptable”?

    All this stuff is just time-sucking and frustrating! Not to mention the toll it takes on your enthusiasm and confidence because “other artists can’t possibly struggle this much...”

    The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Mark will show you how to use strategic design strategies that’ll help knock down your struggle and allow you to thoroughly enjoy the entire process, and still produce great work!

    Once Mark teaches you his brilliant design strategies that will bring a whole new sense of power to your paintings, he puts it all into action as he demonstrates a gorgeous seaside painting done from a plein air sketch, photo reference, and value and composition sketches.


    Chapter Outline:

    • Twelve Strategy Lessons
    • Painting Demonstration
    • Composition & Design Review
    • Burnt Umber Value & Shape Layout
    • Review Painting Materials
    • Mix Dominant Colors and Start Painting
    • Tighten Up, Keep it Fresh
    • Clean Up & Redefine
    • Finish Strong
    • Conclusion


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    David Michaels
    Very Valuable Lessons

    Mark's video pushed me to try new concepts and techniques. He breaks down design and composition in very simple ways. The exercises he advocates have definitely helped me to rethink how I paint in a new, fresh way. I feel revitalized.

    Connie K
    5 paint brushes out of 5!

    The abundance of design principles/information in this video is well thought out; the video is clear and concise.
    The video is set-up in a modular fashion making it very user friendly. Using written communication as well as verbal communication is another device that makes this video a great educational tool for the viewer. The different fundamental design points being highlighted in alternating colors make them very easy to read and reference. Of course, I loved the sports metaphors.

    The camera person captures how much paint Mark is applying. A very important point for the viewer to see. Kudos to the camera person.

    The interview between Mark and Eric is very relaxed and stays on point. The conversation provides us another way to get to know the artist.
    Mark provides a body of work to share after the interview - excellent idea. His paintings are right there for the viewers to see.

    Besides all the great and value design principles, Mark shares many ways he helps himself continue to learn, grow and develop his ideas. Mark's humility and passion for art are evident.

    mehl lawson
    simple approach

    I really enjoyed Marks simple approach to starting a painting. The principals of composition were so easy to understand. I have heard them all explained over the years but his approach was something I could really take with me and do a much more efficient job. Also he seemed to make painting fun with his approach. Not a lot of pressure to do a perfect job.

    Bruce Bingham
    Great DVD

    Everybody needs this!

    Debra Huse
    Inside Info

    Mark does a great job simplifying the key foundations for a strong painting!