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Video Length: 9 Hours 16 Minutes
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The Ultimate Master Class Volume 2

The Magic Grid: Portraits


Kevin Macpherson has changed portrait painting forever. The Magic Grid system he so successfully uses for landscapes now becomes the foundation for consistent, beautiful, portraits. 

From the first mark on your canvas to the last, you will have a guide in your decision making, a proven method to improve your composition, color, brushwork and drawing. The Magic Grid is a comprehensive simple system to bring your artwork up to the next level and beyond.


In Volume 2, you will learn:

  • How to decipher three-dimensional reality onto a two-dimensional painting
  • Understand the vocabulary of the artist
  • The secret of the subject/artist collaboration
  • How to pose a model for maximum impact
  • Why TWO lighting sources in the studio are necessary
  • The benefits of a limited palette
  • How to get the full spectrum of color relationships easily
  • Use the power of three to improve color harmony
  • The proper use of color and layering
  • Benefit from Kevin’s highly trained eyes to “see” the subtle changes in value and color
  • How to find the inspiration in your subject
  • Why the Magic Grid is a breakthrough in portrait painting
  • A proven method to improve your composition
  • And MUCH MORE!


Of course, your total Magic Grid solution can become even better when you get the natural companion:

Volume 1: The Magic Grid - Landscapes. 


Kevin Macpherson, known widely for his beautiful landscapes, created this video showing how his Magic Grid system makes painting landscapes easier, faster, and more enjoyable. 


In this video, you will learn: 

  • How to become the Art Director of your paintings
  • A simplified way to see your subject
  • When the small intersections happen on the grid, they help the viewer have a better experience
  • How to make visual connections for your viewer
  • A new way to “see” the landscape