John Pototschnik

John Pototschnik: Painting VALUES & COLOR

Video Length: 4 Hours

Discover Art Renewal Center (ARC) Living Artist John Pototschnik’s “Hidden” Secret That Enhances the Colors and Mood of Any Painting!

Internationally renowned artist John Pototschnik is going to share with you how to enhance the mood of any of your paintings with one simple shift that most artists get wrong.

It’s the “Monochromatic Secret” to emotionally moving, soul-stirring paintings.

Inside Painting Values & Color, John Pototschnik will uncover the seemingly “backward” approach that many artists overlook: It’s not just about color, it's about value.

“Value creates the mood of a painting, not color!”
— John Pototschnik


Once you’ve seen John Pototschnik’s comprehensive demonstration of this concept, you’ll have clarity on how to create stronger and emotionally impactful paintings — no matter the medium, scene, or subject!

In this enlightening course, John is going to guide you through the process of creating a monochromatic value underpainting using acrylics (though you can use oil if you prefer). He’ll show you how to establish the mood through value alone, and then how to enhance the mood even further using color.

This “switch” in thinking and the insights behind it will elevate your art to greater levels of depth and emotion. In fact, John himself credits this method for one of the largest breakthroughs in his entire painting career.


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • A step-by-step process to create a solid monochromatic underpainting that clearly expresses the mood you want to communicate…
  • A detailed demonstration on how to translate values into color
  • How to paint using only 3 primaries and guarantee color harmony in your painting…
  • Learn how to create a value structure for your painting and use it as your guiding “roadmap” toward a great result…
  • Great advice on how to avoid being afraid of painting dark darks and light lights…
  • Incredible “color matching” tips without using additional tubes of paint…
  • How to paint what the color actually is and not what you think it is…
  • Mixing tips to give you the best color…
  • The RIGHT way to use the color wheel and its various combinations…
  • How to separate value and color, and how to learn the values of nature (key lesson!)...
  • John’s method for selecting a color palette that will help achieve the desired mood…
  • How to create smooth color and temperature changes in the sky…
  • How to paint a range of beautiful greens — without using a tube green!
  • How to ensure every element retains its proper place for a beautiful and harmonious painting…
  • and so many more incredible insights and wisdom from a LIVING master!



Meet Your New Instructor, John Pototschnik!

Born in St. Ives, England, John Pototschnik grew up in the American heartland of Kansas. He trained at Wichita State University and the Art Center College in Los Angeles, and his passion for art flourished into a lifelong endeavor. After spending 10 years in the Dallas advertising scene as a freelance illustrator, in 1982 John began painting professionally in the fine arts.

Today, John's art tells stories through each brushstroke. His works grace private and public collections across the nation, a testament to their resonance.

As a respected speaker and juror, his influence goes beyond the canvas.

John’s creative wellspring knows no bounds. Now based in Texas, he is past president of Artists and Craftsmen Associated and the Plano Art Association, and an artist whose impact extends beyond his artwork. Awards like the George Washington Honor Medals and recognition in “Who’s Who in American Art” cement his legacy.

Alongside several best-selling books and courses produced by Streamline Publishing, John’s artistry shines in publications like PleinAir Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, and Southwest Art. He's a Living Master with the Art Renewal Center, a Signature member of Oil Painters of America, and a Master Signature Emeritus member of the Outdoor Painters Society.

For artists seeking guidance, John Pototschnik is an inviting presence. Imagine soaking a lifetime of wisdom and insight from an artist who is internationally known for breathing life into colors. Let John's experiences guide your journey, for he’s more than an artist; he’s a storyteller who transforms canvases into realms of emotions. Join his captivating artistic journey today!


Chapter Breakdown 

01- Introduction

02- The Value of Good Values

03- Monochromatic Block In: Materials

04- Monochromatic Block In: Create the Value Structure

05- Color Application: Materials & Mixing

06- Color Application: The Key Players

07- Color Application: Finishing the Painting


Extra Bonuses:

  • Exhibit of Works: Gallery set to music for your creative inspiration
  • High-Speed View of the demo painting for your learning convenience
  • Insights from the Artist

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Priscilla Patterson
Once again, John Pototschnik is a winner!

As a watercolor painter, any tutorials in oil require me to "translate" into my preferred medium language. I have John's book, "Limited Palette, Unlimited Color" and refer to it often. While I do understand the concept of values, configuring them into color is always a challenge, so I thought this would be a good reference. I was not disappointed! John provides easy explanations and analysis of values and how they relate to color on the value scales, which will make better paintings. I still have to "translate," and work out value charts for the medium and pigments I use, but John's teaching provides an excellent resource.

Ashley Phillips
John Pototschnik: Painting VALUES & COLOR

John Pototschnik's, Painting Values and Color, will propel your paintings to a whole new level. His explanation of creating the values and color in your paintings is thorough and clear, and his genuine personality and teaching style makes this an enjoyable learning experience. I also appreciate all of the other valuable tips John offers throughout the lesson, one of which was the leveling of your easel! I highly recommend this video and look forward to future instruction from John.

Karl Brand
John Pototschnik: MOST EXCELLENT

Love this video. I purchased his books awhile back and as a beginner it was like taking an art class. The video was as if I was sitting in the class! Most informative and educational! Love this!!

Marylu Wellwood
My favorite instructional video

I'm so glad I got this video. It has helped me immensely to learn how to paint from a limited palette. I love it and my paintings have improved dramatically. This artist tells so much in his video. I paid close attention and used his technique to make several new oil paintings. He's right. By using a limited palette the whole painting harmonizes together. I used to be a color junkie, but no more. John Pototschnik is my favorite artist. I've had many lessons from many different artists and in my opinion, he is the best.

Barbara Wagner
John Pototschnik: Painting Values and Color

John is an outstanding teacher. Very clear and easy to listen to. Good for both beginners and advanced painters. He has the heart of a teacher and life long beautiful painting skills.