Elizabeth Pruitt (Robbins)

Elizabeth Robbins: Copper and Peaches

Video Length: 3 Hours 45 Minutes

Elizabeth Robbins, formerly Elizabeth Pruitt, is one of today's rising stars in oil painting and has become very well known for her beautiful, classical style still life compositions in the last few years.

She has received recognition from many prestigious painting groups, including the Oil Painters of America (Signature Status), the National Oil and Acrylics Painters Society (Best in Show), the C.M. Russell Invitational Exhibition (awarded the Tuffy Berg award for "Best Newcomer" of the show) and was featured in a recent article in the outstanding fine art magazine, "Art of the West."

Elizabeth has also been a teacher of art for almost as many years as she has been a painter. She is a clear and articulate instructor and can explain what and why she is doing it on the canvas at any point in the process. This has enabled her to make an outstanding educational contribution on how she paints the still life in this program.

It is often difficult to see an artist take a painting completely to the end, with all the final details, but Elizabeth is accomplished at being able to do just this. It is instructive to see how she builds the painting from a loose gesture in the beginning, to a solid foundation, to finally, the finishing details that make the objects seem to come alive.


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