Daniel Graves

Daniel Graves: Old World Portraiture

Video Length: 4 Hours 14 Minutes

This video includes:

  • How to grind your own pigments
  • Daniel’s secret method for cleansing oil to prevent yellowing
  • How to create a painting medium
  • How to draw from a live model
  • How to create a complete underpainting
  • How to create form in the figure
  • Techniques for creating skin tones from a three-color palette
  •  And much, much more!


For over 600 years, artists passed their techniques down to apprentices who would then become masters themselves. The new masters continued to pass along the knowledge and skill they had gained.

With each new master painter, the information improved because they added their personal touch from their own lifetime of learning.

Sadly, this effective tradition came to a sudden stop.

Why? Modernism arrived and took the world by storm!

Traditional-style painting was quickly shunned, pushed to the side, and declared irrelevant!

Thankfully, a small handful of very brave artists endured ridicule and unpopularity in a quest to keep these rare processes and techniques alive. One of those artists was Daniel Graves, founder of the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

In fact, Daniel was one of the very few people who insisted on purity of technique to make certain his students understood every important detail.

Daniel is a purist who refuses to compromise on quality for something more convenient. For instance, he does not use paint in tubes because he cannot get the color and effect from tube paint that he gets from grinding his own pigments.

Driven to change the art world one artist at a time, Daniel’s dedication has led him to teach and train some of the finest artists in the world. These artists are committed to continuing to pass on the traditions of old. As you go through this course with Daniel, you too, will feel the calling to keep these traditions alive.

Daniel is one of the great masters of our time and this video course is a rare opportunity to study with him. These time-honored methods are beneficial to every artist, especially those who do not have time or financial resources to spend four or more years attending art school.


Special Bonus Segment Includes:

  • A visit to the Pietro Anagoni exhibition on the 25th anniversary of Anagoni's death
  • A tour of the Florence Academy
  • An exhibition of Daniel Graves' paintings
  • Drawing from a live model
  • Interview with the artist conducted by Publisher B. Eric Rhoads


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