Daniel Graves - Juliette Aristides Combo



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Daniel Graves - Old World Portraiture


For over 600 years, artists passed their techniques down to apprentices who would then become masters themselves. The new masters continued to pass along the knowledge and skill they had gained.

With each new master painter, the information improved because they added their personal touch from their own lifetime of learning.

Sadly, this effective tradition came to a sudden stop.

Why? Modernism arrived and took the world by storm!

Traditional-style painting was quickly shunned, pushed to the side, and declared irrelevant!

Thankfully, a small handful of very brave artists endured ridicule and unpopularity in a quest to keep these rare processes and techniques alive. One of those artists was Daniel Graves, founder of the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

In fact, Daniel was one of the very few people who insisted on purity of technique to make certain his students understood every important detail.

Daniel is a purist who refuses to compromise on quality for something more convenient. For instance, he does not use paint in tubes because he cannot get the color and effect from tube paint that he gets from grinding his own pigments.

Daniel is one of the great masters of our time and this video course is a rare opportunity to study with him. These time-honored methods are beneficial to every artist, especially those who do not have time or financial resources to spend four or more years attending art school.



Juliette Aristides - Secrets of Classical Painting


When studying classical techniques, every artist must consider Juliette Aristides — another of today’s leading experts in the lost art of the traditional methods.

These timeless techniques are meant to capture the purity and deep emotion within the human form … much more meaningful than simply copying what can be seen.

Study with Juliette and you’ll see how she creates beautiful and inspirational depictions of her subjects — techniques that you’ll want to incorporate into your own artwork.

You’ll finally see how top artists elicit a deep and powerful emotional connection with their viewers … this connection is what draws art lovers and collectors to specific artists and Juliette is a master at this.

You’ll discover a sense of harmony and movement within your own creative vision, elevating the quality of your paintings in ways you’ve only imagined.

Juliette is the director of the Aristides Classical Atelier at the prestigious Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA. Her work is featured in galleries both nationally and internationally. She is in high demand as a workshop leader all over the globe.

Not only is Juliette a modern master of the classical techniques, she is an effective and amazing instructor. As she moves through the course, she explains both the how and the why behind each brushstroke and decision, leading you to have a much better understanding of everything it takes to create high quality paintings.

Both enlightening and inspirational, Juliette takes you “behind the curtain” so you can see how the masters achieve their vision … and now you’ll be able to do that, too.