Pat Weaver

Pat Weaver: Watercolor Simplified

Video Length: 1 Hour 14 Minutes
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Watercolor paintings are some of the most lively, fresh, and versatile representations of real life scenes and human subjects.

If you've been painting with watercolors for some time, but feel that your skill set could benefit from fresh perspectives and techniques, this art instructional video featuring artist and teacher Pat Weaver might be the boost that you need.

This video art workshop introduces beginning and intermediate artists to the basic fundamentals of watercolor technique. With her direct, spontaneous approach, Weaver demonstrates how to draw and paint simply and successfully in watercolor.

Students will enjoy Weaver's demonstrations of painting different compositions, including a lone figure sitting on some steps and a colorful selection of vegetables. Learn Weavers signature techniques for painting vibrant scenes with a limited color palette, and mixing colors on the page to achieve more realistic shading and contours.

Whether you're just starting to work with watercolor paints, or you're looking for new perspectives to help you improve your current techniques, Pat Weaver's watercolor painting workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take your craft to the next level.


Customer Reviews

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Sallie Jager
Pat weaver Watercolor simplified

I love Pats direct approach ! She really does simplify watercolor while removing the fear of the white paper.
I've been watching her DVD on pets for sometime now as I've been doing
Commissions on dog and pet paintings . That one I have really gotten a lot of use from. This one is
Better for beginners â