Dale Laitinen

Dale Laitinen: Landscape Essentials in Watercolor

Video Length: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
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See the landscape from an artists point of view in this beginner-friendly watercolor workshop.

Dale Laitinen teaches a sequential approach to thinking and painting that helps you discover where to start and what to include in your paintings.

From composition to brush work, you'll learn everything you need to paint your favorite places on earth. You learn to control water and pigment as Dale leads a quick tour of basic washes and brush strokes. Once you're comfortable with your tools, he helps you discover the most important elements in your photo. You capture basic shapes in a reference sketch, and you learn when to make the critical adjustments that create a strong design. Dark and light shapes form the basis for a successful composition, and Dale helps you master them with a black-and-white value painting.

You create deep, convincing shadows and paint realistic objects without getting bogged down in detail. You apply what you've learned in the value painting to a full-color demo that captures the majesty of the California coast. You learn when and where to use specific pigments and how to create interesting transitions by blending colors on your paper. By the time you add your last layer of detail, you'll never look at landscape the same way. See nature from a new vantage point in Landscape Essentials in Watercolor with Dale Laitinen.


BONUS CLIP: Stepping Down Values