Oliver Sin

Oliver Sin: Expressive Gesture Drawing


Video Length: 2 Hours
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Originally broadcast live, this recording is a must-have as Oliver demonstrates how to go from embarrassing drawings of people that just don’t look right to drawings you can be proud of once and for all in just two hours.

You are about to learn Expressive Gesture Drawing from a genuine expert.


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to draw the essential gesture of figure drawing quickly
  • Ways to SEE the movement of the LIVE model
  • Choosing the best poses to draw
  • How to begin to draw the gesture
  • Learn what the “contrapposto” pose is and why it’s important
  • How to benefit from quick poses
  • Why THIS type of charcoal pencil is the one you should use
  • Simplification secrets BEFORE drawing
  • The keys to analyze poses before drawing
  • Avoiding the two biggest mistakes most people make


Meet your instructor

Oliver Sin is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California with a BFA in Illustration. His early career includes work with LucasArts. He then returned to that school to be an art professor for the School of Fine Arts and 2D Animation. 

His mentors include: Zhao Ming Uw, Henry Yan, and Chein Chung-Wei. They have encouraged him to put greater efforts into capturing fleeting human expressions and paying more attention to precise composition in figurative portraits. Oliver has earned “Signature Status” with the Portrait Society of America in 2022.



  • Introduction – from Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur
  • Getting Started – intro to model and review of Materials & Tools
    • How to sharpen your charcoal 
  • 1-Minute Poses: Blind Contour Line
    • Warm up drawings with colored pencils and markers
    • Learn how to see the outline of the figure–without looking at your paper!
  • 1-Minute Poses: Shape & Movement
    • Capture the gesture of the figure with compressed charcoal
    • Focus on shape and essential movement of the figure–the fundamental of figure drawing
    • What pose is best for beginners
    • How to communicate with your model
    • What you should draw first, and what to wait to draw last
  • 2-Minute Poses: Expressive Contour Line
    • Capture the gesture of the figure with charcoal pencil
    • Start out with side views to get comfortable and warmed up, then move onto ¾-view as you get more practice
    • What shape to use for torso when ¾-view
  • 5-Minute Pose: Expressive Contour Line
    • Explore concepts or overlap, stretch/compression–will help your drawing look more advanced
  • 10-Minute Pose: Expressive Contour Line
    • Importance of identifying where the weight of the body is resting
    • Establish the Continuity of the body
  • Question & Answer Session
    • Listen in as Oliver answers common figure drawing questions
    • The gesture of the figure is the blueprint of figure drawing