Frank Webb

Frank Webb: Using Your Head, Heart & Hand

Video Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes
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In this video, world-renowned watercolor artist and master teacher Frank Webb guides students of all levels through a fast-paced and energetic discussion of watercolor painting techniques.

Whether you've been painting for a while, or are just now thinking about starting your first project, this watercolor instruction video is a great way to establish a firm foundation for passionate, professional compositions.

Throughout the course of this workshop, Webb introduces students to not one but seven approaches to watercolor painting. After each technique has been demonstrated, Webb produces completed watercolor paintings so that students can see the method at work in finished pieces.

Webb begins his demonstrations by providing a thorough explanation of his favorite materials and then quickly moves on to teach a basic grounding in design terms and concepts. Students get a step by step demonstration of how to create a value sketch, which forms the foundation of each of the seven paintings Webb will work on in the lesson.

This informative watercolor painting workshop is broken down into convenient chapters dealing with major techniques and practices, including: Direct Painting, Wet into Wet, Color Patching, Easel Drizzling, Calligraphic Painting, Layering and Darks First. These techniques are essential for every watercolor artist, and will ensure that your paintings come alive with depth, texture, and vibrant colors. If you're tired of being chained to photo references and want to paint with more spontaneity, this is the workshop that will take your talent to the next level.